Non-Subscribers Using TRIAL to earn Silver

I've noticed with the launch of the new app and new prices CellNUVO is also offering a TRIAL mode for non-subscribers.

You can even get a phone for free within our app. Simply install our app and enter TRIAL to bypass the account creation an begin earning your silver, use this silver to get your smartphone for $0.
Still not convinced? Seeing is believing, so see for your self with our, no risk, no cost, try before you buy opportunity. Simply install our app, enter activation code TRIAL to bypass the account creation, and swipe the main screen to earn silver. It is that easy, see for yourself now.

This is definitely a step in the right direction.

[strike]I wonder if the silver earned in TRIAL mode will carryover if you subscribe.[/strike]

The credits are indeed kept in your account.
Credits earned in TRIAL mode also apply towards referral credits on the first month after activation!

see: Post #4141

[strike]I haven't been able to get this to work I get a "2 Invalid Keyword or Activation Code" error.[/strike]
[strike]Has anyone been able to get the TRIAL activation to work?[/strike]

TRIAL activation is now working.

TRIAL code now works. I haven't received info on whether Silver earned in trial mode will transfer when activated.

Yes it's working. I asked 2 questions by email. They
Didn't answer the question if points carryover to real account.I did some 10 points and one 30 point. 83 point ad didn't give me points after I watched

On the website under my account I do have a Join Now button under devices. This makes me think that the silver will stay and you can just add your device and activate there.

I wonder how and when buying a phone with points would work (found on the website):

"CellNUVO phones start at only $40. You can even get a phone for free within our app. Simply install our app and enter TRIAL to bypass the account creation an begin earning your silver, use this silver to get your smartphone for $0."

I don't see this option available - nothing under Settings>Store (?)

I don't think the store is up and running yet. They seem to have launched this app prematurely for some reason.

Clicking around the website I somehow got to another account overview and it says:

[code]Welcome to your trial account!

Look below to view your Credits Earned through the
CellNuvo Application on your device.

You have done the hard part. Now is the time to take translate those
Credits into free minutes, messages, and data.[/code]

Sign of progress (?) Translating good intentions into reality (?) Still no mention of Store and phones to buy...

The store is up and running but there is nothing but top ups in it at the moment. But great to see they make mention of being able to buy a phone with silver. That was my idea! I hope they let you do it soon.

I should have been more clear. I meant to say the store where you can buy things with silver credits.

The store is in the app right now. Go to settings then store (note it says redeem silver and top up). Right now all you can do in there is top up but there will be more stuff in there sometime to redeem your silver. But yes the redeeming silver part of the store isn't in there yet. But when it is ready it will be in the same place in the app as the top up.

Store is blank for me, probably because I'm in trial mode.

Getting alot of 30 point ads. Hope they carryover to when I actually sign up.

Finally got a response from CellNUVO about keeping trial credits when you sign up.

"The credits are indeed kept in your account."

It appears you can still add a referral code and get the 3000 silver too upon activation. Which is great. Once they get the ability to buy phones in the account with silver you can actually get everything for free!

You can log into your trial account on the website and it shows your credits. There is a big "join now" button.

Do you know if the referral code still waives the activation fee? Is there even an activation fee anymore? I don't see it mentioned on their website anymore.

Yes there is still an activation fee and yes the referral code waives the activation fee. I plugged one in and the cost went down to $0.

Hi folks. So I needed to check on a few items before posting here.

Trial is up and cranking. We want people to test drive with us to make sure they know how easy it is to earn credits, hence the trial app.

Now the word trial is not truly accurate. Trial implies no long lasting benefit....

Thats not the case here. If you use the trial and earn silver, you keep your silver. Now I think thats pretty good right?

Well the reason it took some time to respond here is because there is another feature I wanted to make sure was in the trial version. Referrals.

If you get someone to use the trial and then they use your referral code to activate their service with us, everything that is earned from day one will apply towards the 10% referral.

So, if you tell your friend Steve to do a trial, and Steve signs up with us for service using your referral code, and has earned 40,000 silver during the trial, then, proceeds to earn another 40,000 silver in his first billing cycle, you will get not just 4,000 referral credits, you will get 8,000 referral credits (4,000 referral bonus from the trial then another 4,000 from his first month with us) .

So now you can earn more and help your friends and family spend less.

As of now trial version is totally up and running, so go crazy :slight_smile:

Trial worked great . Then I signed up for real account. Seamless transition. Points transferred over correctly.

Great stuff. Did you use a referral and did that work okay?