No text message now

This is crazy. When I need text I get this???

The message could not be delivered due to a temporary network setup error. Please try later. Error 2129

They need to stop everything and fix service and numbers first.

It was working talk. Text. And data that has run out

maybe you have got your old number back?

No just tried it.

I am afraid of trying ##72786#

Right now since calling is working. No text or data. Frustrating

I can try later. I got Starbucks wifi. But I be moving from here

I have two lines with the exact same issue since at least yesterday...can call, but not text. Get the same error as you. I emailed support.

Frustrating. I need more stable service as before the move.

I have to test the service everyday I need it

Tom indicated in this thread that everything is going well and they are working to finalize a new app.

Many have no service or unstable service for almost 3 weeks now. Not to mention lost of original phone #s and inability to refill our account with our silvers. He needs to update us on these issues.

If we can't use our phones after getting a new number then we are back to where we started 3 weeks ago.

Texting still works for me.

Try Rp chat

Mine still works

Did you try doing carrier reset/prl update etc to see if your old number is back?

As indicated above. I am afraid of doing this now. I can tonight, if I lose talk I will be totality out of service. I need talk for today.

In the past I have done 75 prl updates

I need a stable service as before the move.

I emailed support

Sounds like you work for CN support now....

I guess it is 1900mmmface
Support one silver per minute

I will remember next time not to try to help.

I like to fix things myself whenever possible. If you don't want to try that is fair enough. I know plenty have had issues and don't want to get into more difficulties. We know CN is supposed to be getting numbers back to us after this past holiday. You suddenly lost text messaging. It is only logical to think that perhaps your number has been returned and you just need to do the updates to get it all working again.

Can you imagine if your utility company had a major fault and you didn't have water, electricity, gas or, worse of all, internet, and their response was "Everything is going well. We're working on finalizing our new app".


two weeks ago i dialed 72786 with meijer wifi and i lost my 331 number. i was in a panic to see that 000000asdf number. "why am i so stupid? why do i need data? what kind of dumbass would even think that 72786 will give you data? now, not only data but also voice and text are gone.... i hate myself." after i got back to the basement of my parents' house, i dialed 72786 without wifi again. thank god i got my 331 number back. god is mighty great. praise to jesus. i will never dial 72786 again, unless told by tom.




We know CN is supposed to be getting numbers back to us after this past holiday./quote]

I have not seen an update from CN stating that we are supposed to get our numbers back. I have not seen a timeline from them either.

Do you know where they posted this?

CN support or Tom needs to tell us what to do to get our numbers back and working again. We shouldn't have to risk losing what service we have just to try things that could make the situation worse. Really damn frustrating.

I keep saying they need a pr person

Many have points we don't want to lose. Can't leave. Too much endless nights swiping when I could have been petting my chihuahua named senorita