No payment has gone through so far

No phone service since October

Ok we knew this from you. Why a new thread to clutter the board?

If I don't have my own thread then you will say I am trolling you in your thread. Why can't I tell others about the true of the other side (probably the larger side) of story?

I never called you a troll. I even tried to help you and got a rude ignore.

I think you earned the right to complain. But honestly you gave up you're not trying to fix anything. And all you want to do is just keep whining. It's like it became your new job. If you're so unhappy leave.

It looks like other people have gotten second payments. It's because they've been working on it. Spending the time trying to have a resolution.

I'm sure the Bashers will have a field day with my statement

I said you will, not did.
If you won't, thank you!

Thanks for your help, but it is not redpocket's fault. Mark's experience tells everything. All of those issues are excuses of not paying.

I've had several phones without service from as long ago as early August (pre-dating the system-wide shut down just before the eclipse).

One phone resurrected itself after a month of no-service then died 15 days later. All without anything from Cellnuvo support except them saying "look squirrel" when I tried to get assistance.

I don't need you to tell me what to do. You don't pay my bills. If you work for cellnuvo you can just redeem the golds upon request. That will help.

I am not surprised that other people got their second payment, and I am happy for them. I am not surprised that people like me never get paid either. I have a reason to be hateful. If you don't like my attitude you can leave me alone. I did not direct my posts to you.

Lol. How do you know what I will do?

As I said the only issue I have with you is when you were rude and ignored my offer. It was a genuine offer of help.

For no reply at all. That was rude

I believe some of the problems were from Redpocket. I don't know what percentage is CN vs RP. My number was with Redpocket according to their refill checker, but never had working service, I tried everything including factory reset. The phone just would not provision, even though it was with RP.

Probably a nice company forgets to pay for your line? In that case redpocket certainly would not provide service.

In my case, my phone is in redpocket waiting for the initial refill. However, this nice company just refuses to make payment... So all I hear is welcome to redpocket, which indicates that it will work once payment is received.

Just because you are breastfed and loved by your mom because you are being a good boy does not mean that she will breastfeed and love me for me being a good boy.

That is why others get a second payment but I would never get paid. I might not be lucky but I am not stupid.

What would it hurt to put in some more effort?

I tried everything other than kissing Tom's ass.

I'm all in favor of you and everyone that has gold with cell nuvo getting full value for your gold.
Would a Hawg mind being a guinea pig?
Let's start a campaign where all of us, individually contact cell nuvo on your behalf requesting cell nuvo to simply fund your redpocket account.
If HH posing as a guinea pig works ,
we can continue to advocate in favor of others in the same position.

I've mentioned a few times on rp chat and cellCuervo support that there are a number of people on the infamous nth circle forum without service etc. I was even going to mention hungry -hog. Not sure if that's his real name? Probably not :wink:

This was one of the ideas I was going to propose to hungry hog in the p.m. I sent them offering help, that he ignored. I thought if we all got together and all sent an email on his behalf including an email from Hungry hog him self that he would get some results. Instead he just ignored me.

Now I question if I even want to be a part of that.

Thank you thank you and thank you!
But you don't owe me, cellnuvo does.

At least he got a thank you

"Thank you thank you and thank you!
But you don't owe me, cellnuvo does."

One individual has a h#ll of a time fighting a corporation.
It would be a victory for ALL of us to get your cell nuvo gold credited to your red pocket account.

It sounds like a good idea, but i don't feel comfortable at taking anybody's time for my personal interest.