New Tello Plan Prices

We're bringing good news: Tello's Introducing Higher Data Plans and LOWER Prices!

Yes - we did it again, and we want you to be among the first ones to know!

Here’s a few examples of how the new pricing structure looks like:

  • 1GB + unlimited talk&text - $10/mo (used to be $14/mo.)
  • 2GB + unlimited talk & text for $14 (used to be $19/mo.)
  • 4GB + unlimited talk & text = $19/mo (used to be $29)
  • 12GB + unlimited talk & text = $39/mo (new data option; this used to be the price for the 10GB unlimited plan).

We have introduced new data options like: 6GB, 8GB and 12GB.
We have also removed a few of the data options (200 MB, 3GB and 10 GB). On voice side, we have only removed the 200 minutes option.

What does this mean for Tello's Existing Customers?
About 9 out of 10 customers get a plan upgrade, a price decrease or both.

Existing customers will benefit of the new pricing format starting with their next billing cycle, unless they make a change (upgrade/downgrade) to their current plan before that, in which case the change comes into effect immediately.

What does this mean for Newcomers to Tello?
New lower prices and unexpected savings on their phone bill once they make the switch!

What does this mean for you?
Perfect timing to test the service if you haven’t already done so and see if it's a good fit :wink:

More info can be found on our blog post, over here

These appear to be the lowest competitive prices currently on the market.

@Georgiana_Tello Questions:

  1. Will existing customers generally automatically be bumped up to a higher bucket plan with the same price or, rather, will they be put on the same bucket plan with a lower price? (i.e. if they currently have unlimited talk and text with no data for $11, will they automatically be switched to the $8 plan or will they get more data at the same price they were paying until now?)

  2. If an existing customer makes a plan switch immediately, before their plan renewal date, will they immediately be charged the monthly fee for their new plan and lose any remaining days for the balance of the month of their existing plan?

You guys are a class act, Georgiana, and you always have been.

Great prices, great customer service, and integrity.

We're lucky to have y'all around.

We’ve used Tello for our backup phones for awhile now. Given their reliability, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing we moved our primary lines to them as well.

Hi Joseph,

Existing customers will generally get more data, minutes or both for the same price. Specifically for the plan that you asked about (unlimited talk & text w/ no data), you will be transitioned to a lower priced plan ($10 instead of $11) and you also get 1GB LTE data.

However, if you'd like to go further with a plan with no data, the new pricing for unlimited talk & text is $8/mo.

As for the 2nd question, if you make the switch to a different plan before your bill date, you will be able to keep your remaining balance, as it's always the case with Tello.

Thanks and please let me know if you need more info.

Lots of thanks for your kinds words, guys! We truly appreciate that! :slight_smile:

If your current plan includes unlimited talk and text, if switching to another unlimited t&t plan mid-cycle, you'll pay for the new plan immediately and lose the remaining days of your old plan?

Sprint cmda only?


Yes, that's correct. My suggestion would be to only make the switch to the lower plan just a day before your plan would renew in this case, since you would not have a specific amount of data or minutes to rollover.

Soon as you get a tmobile option you'll get lots of subscribers. Now would be a good time since lycamobile ditched their paygo plan. People have been looking for something similar to Tello for gsm for some time but it doesn't exist.

New prices are nice. Thanks!

What mmfacemm said, a GSM option on these plans would be very competitive.

Just an interesting note:

Tello's $9 plan for unlimited t&t plus 500 mb of data costs less after taxes than the $8 plan for unlimited t&t only.

Not for me - I'm seeing $10.56 for the $9 plan (500mb) and $9.97 for the $8 plan ($0mb). I guess it varies depending on the state. My state has a flat 911 fee which might be why mine isn't cheaper.

59c for 500mb is a steal though.

I just renewed my plan for unlimited talk / text and 1 GB data, for a whopping total of $10.12 including taxes and fees. Sure do appreciate Tello's low prices and great service!

I always forget tello is just Sprint? Not AT&t or T-Mobile?

Tello is a great example of when paying is better than free.

It is simple, it works with minimal effort, it is easy to manage and change and customer support is perfect.

You get all that because you pay for it. Paying saves you time and aggravation.

It gives you more time for other things and time is the most precious resource anyone has.

Sprint only, with no roaming.

I agree, they are just awesome! Also, yes, time is invaluable. I send people to Tello all the time.

Wow..I just noticed that Tello paygo call rates have dropped to 1cent per minute....great deal