New Savings Era ๐Ÿš€

Dear Tello Community,

First and foremost, a massive thank you for your unwavering support! Your quick responses to newcomers and insightful feedback have been invaluable to us.

And now, for the surprise weโ€™ve been cooking up for a while:

โ€“ Tello is thrilled to announce that all our plans have been upgraded for free, giving our customers more data at the same cost!

All our data plans have been upgraded for free. Here are just a few examples:

The 500MB plan: Upgraded to 1GB - $9/ mo
1GB plan: Now includes 2GB - $10/ mo
2GB plan: Now has 5GB - $14/ mo
5GB plan: Enjoy a boost to 10GB - $19/ mo

Probably the biggest changes come for our Unlimited plan, which from now on gives you 35GB of high speed data at just $25/mo. We also increased the throttle speed for this plan, while the hotspot available remains at 5GB.

***These changes will seamlessly take effect with your upcoming billing cycle

With more high-speed data to cover every need, itโ€™s time to say goodbye to the 64 kbps throttling speeds on all Tello limited data plans.

Yes, this is a free upgrade for everyone. Feel free to check all new plans here:

We listened to your discussions and requests and we're working on even more surprises to come soon.

Your involvement in our community makes us stronger, and we're grateful for it.

Feel free to share this fantastic news โ€“ let's spread the excitement together!

Thank you for being an awesome part of the Tello Fam!

Yours, Mike from Tello.


Data Only:
1GB @ 5 dollars or 2GB @ 6 dollars, YES PLEASE :smiley:

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Yes, we're all delighted to give Tello our unwavering support. And gotta love the title of this topic thread: New Savings Era

BTW, to what degree did Tello increase the throttle speeds?

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Well, according to the post on Bestmvno linked below re the throttle speed -

"It now comes with throttled data speeds of 256Kbps. Previously, data speeds were throttled to 128Kbps."

Don't know how accurate that is since Dennis listed 64Kbps NOT 128Kbps and many users reported 64Kbps if they were lucky.


Even more disappointing if true -

"All plans with less than 35GB of data no longer include any throttled data. The plans are all now hard-capped."

So now that throttled speed may actually be useable/tolerable, no soup for you, unless you get our top priced plan you'll need to purchase more data.

I really wish Tello reps would be more forthcoming with ALL the changes/details when they come here to highlight the marketing hype "upgrades". Would leave a much less cheap shilly impression if they just left out the hype and said "here's ALL the changes", and then actually listed ALL the changes with details, or at least direct links to the finer details (like those revealed by Bestmvno and those he couldn't even find out like cost & rules of addon data).

I guess this is what they mean when saying "itโ€™s time to say goodbye to the 64 kbps throttling speeds on all Tello limited data plans"

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"All plans with less than 35GB of data no longer include any throttled data. The plans are all now hard-capped."

@Georgiana_Tello is this true? If so, that is not good news. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but like what @Redrotors said... that should be transparent information to provide.

Wonder if changes mean the end of rollover with early renewal going away? is UT&T&1GB/30 days, plus unlimited 128Kbps, for $5/30 days, paid $60/360 days --OR-- UT&T&3GB/30 days, plus unlimited 128Kbps, for $10/30 days, paid $120/360 days.

Yes, I understand that Tello's rates don't require 360 days prepayment, and customer service should be better...

Nice one...
Wow, they really tried (& succeeded by me) to bury that one and put super spin on it.
Perfect example, shilly, cheap, slimy marketing double speak.
Yuck :frowning:

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im wondering this too

I got on Tello chat yesterday as soon as I saw their announcement, and I asked about the rollover option. The CS rep assured me that you can still roll over data and minutes if you renew early. Hopefully they won't get rid of this loophole for a long time.

It looks like the plan changes were partly inspired by the fact that Tello is sunsetting 2G in April. They posted this article on their website last month:

I'm guessing that LTE data would be more expensive for them, even if throttled, which probably explains why they are no longer offering unlimited-but-throttled data on any plans except for their new 35GB "unlimited" plan.

I don't know if this shutdown is industry-wide, or if Tello is just doing this on their own.
It will be interesting to see if other MVNOs will follow suit and stop their 2G service as well.

EDIT Thanks for the info, Redrotors. Tello has no choice since they use the T-Mo network!

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"On April 2, 2024, T-Mobileโ€™s older 2G GSM network will be retired"

From here
So it won't be just Tello.

There's also this

ETA - it seems "Mike" from Tello is clearly stating on r/Tello that early renewal rollover is NOT going anywhere.


Maybe there is a difference for the unlimited plan vs the other ones?

Has anybody with the unlimited plan actually stated the throttle speed?

This is an excellent development.

The only complainers will be the customers who want unlimited throttled data. Tello is better off without them so no real loss if they leave.

Most customers will choose a data bucket with a margin of safety and on the odd occasion that they exceed their normal usage, the easy solution is to upgrade early or add data.

I am tempted to switch my 2 unlimited T Mobile lines that are on a lifetime rate.

The Tello rep here on nthcircle corrected their original misinformation, and finally stated that Tello's previous unlimited throttle speed was "up to" 64 Kbps, so Bestmvno's info is wrong.

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I'm just grateful that the exciting "New Savings Era" has happened during my lifetime.

Speaking of savings , here's my ranking of MVNOs offering at least 35 GBs of high speed data for $30 or less:

#1 Visible: Truly unlimited high speed data on the Verizon network @$25 (with no taxes) ; plus 100% unlimited hotspot (with reasonable restrictions)

#2 Metro by T-Mobile: Truly unlimited high speed data on the T-Mobile network @$25 (with no taxes): but no mobile hotspot

#3 Cricket : Truly unlimited high speed data on the AT&T network @ $30 (with no taxes) ; but no mobile hotspot

#4 Boost Mobile : First 35 GBs of data at high speed , then throttled to 512 kbps @$25 (with taxes) on the AT&T network; with 12 GBs of hotspot

#5 Tello: First 35 GBs of data at high speed, then throttled to 256 kbps @ $25 (with taxes) on the T-Mobile network; with 5GBs of hotspot

Yes, somehow that was vaguely in the back of my mind somewhere. Combine with Dennis B usually being spot on ftw vs. Bestmvno.

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I just renewed my plan early with Tello dollars. I can confirm that minutes rollover is still valid as of today 12/5/23.

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Nice list.

Apart from Tello, do any of these providers offer plans you can easily switch to if you don't always need a month of unlimited?