New Savings Era 🚀

I'll add US Mobile.
$30 (inc. tax/fees) unlimited essentials @ 50GB before 1024Kbps throttle. 10GB hotspot.
Choice of T-mo or VZW networks.

I'll leave it to you to rank it on your list. At least a tie with Boost I'd guess? Might depend on your tax/fee situation and if the extra 15gb are compelling for your use situation.

$25 Unlimited starter misses the 35GB mark (w/30gb if you can live with that).

They have plenty of lesser plans to switch to if you won't be needing your phone much for a while. Down to $5/mo. (500/500/500) and the amusingly named kosher plan $7.50 for unlimited t&t +$2.50 to that ($10) for 2gb shared data plan. The shared data plans are worth a look if managing a few moderate data use lines and allow easy data bumps up or down.

Currently they are offering a free 50 day trial, pSIM or eSIM.


I completely agree!
Not including US Mobile on the list was a significant mistake on my part. Thanks for the correction.

Last I was aware, Boost technically still also has service on the T-Mobile network if you buy your SIM at a Target or (maybe?) Best Buy. There are, I believe, some plans that are AT&T only by virtue of only being available online with a corresponding SIM purchase, but I feel the distinction is worth noting, even if only so that nobody refers to this list and buys a Boost activation kit at a brick & mortar store thinking it's going to be on AT&T coverage.

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Changes @ US Mobile

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We're still being thanked for our "unwavering support", but no mention of "The New Era of Value" which was ushered in a few short months ago ( how long does an era last?)

1GB addon $5 available when your data bal. drops under 1GB.
When $2/GB US Mobile top up is mentioned in that reddit thread, a reply to maybe match, at some point "soon".

We're actively working on it, and we're optimistic that we'll soon be able to match or even surpass the prices offered by our competitors.

Looks like Tello's added text to 800 features/commands includes RENEW.
A convenient option for all those who renew early to roll over balances.
I suppose that there might be a way to automate that? Do Tello "months" = 30 days or renew same day of the month every month?

It's every 30 days (minimum of 29 days manually for rollover).