New Message from Sprint

As of today, when I attempt a call with my CN phone, instead of getting the "your account can not be authorized" message I've been getting for days, I get a new "We are now connecting you to a Sprint operator who can help you complete your outbound call using a credit card". Not sure what this means but it is something different.

I'm still getting the "your account cannot be validated" message

mine is still your account is not authorized to call this number please shut up lol

I've tested it 4 times in a row now and each time I get the "you are being connected to a Sprint operator" message. I wonder if that means my ESN has been released, or middle of transition, or what. But it is different and new so maybe that means 'something' is happening. Is anyone else getting the new message?

I'm getting the same message about not being authorized.

Please keep us posted - maybe they are having to tackle each line separately and yours is currently being worked on???

What happens when you check your MEID on the Ting BYOD Checker?

Try the ESN checker at Ting, Tello, or whoever you like. Would be interesting if your phone was released.

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it is possible that cellnuvo is trying to find a transitionary solution. your account will be managed by sprint directly but sprint wants dollars rather than silvers and the dollar can come from either your credit card or cellnuvo credit card.

Bingo--your device is available!

I guess this means my number is released. I wonder what happened to my 111,000 points!

Grab a screenshot in the CN app of your account details if you want to try to reclaim it later.

I would urge some patience. You probably caught cellnuvo in the middle of fixing your line.

It would explain why it is taking so long if they have to manually fix each line separately.

Hmm - good point. Can they release it and then reclaim it, though? If so, then you may not want to wait if you need it NOW. Otherwise, yeah - it's probably good to wait if you can.

Just so I understand-- did you do anything (like a port request, or requesting an ESN release) that would have normally resulted in the release of your number?

If not, and the number itself is important to you, it would probably be good to follow up on it quickly. I would guess that salvaging your silver might be easier than reclaiming the number.

I tested both of my CN devices, and Ting still shows both of them as active elsewhere.

I'm still getting the "your account is not authorized" message" too.

Okay now I am getting the new message - about being connected to an external operator. This is on both phones and both have been released and show up as ready for activation on tello.

I have done absolutely nothing - no port out requests etc.

Something has changed in the past two hours for me too on both my lines. I am now getting the "your account cannot be validated" and texts no longer send out to sprint, but rather are errored out.

Calling the numbers results in continuous ringing as before.

Lines still show owned by Sprint.

This is a good sign in either the case where lines are released due to shutdown or the case where something is in process of being fixed.