New free plan?

Looks like FreeUp removed free 500/100mb plan and replaced with 1000/0mb plan. Not good, at least for me.

Yep, looks like they fixed the glitch... I am no longer able to renew to the old plan...
I guess with voice and text, F-Up SIM is now only a match for dumb flip/bar phones.

I recommend pairing it with a FreedomPop Sprint MiFi, which is probably the only FreedomPop device worth having, anymore.

550 MB in a compact package.

I've got two and I'll just be sure to turn one on and throw it in my purse when I carry my FreeUp phone.

Fortunately, I can just live off Sprint 1 year free on a family mbr's acct to Jan 2020 (Mar or Jun 2020 if I sign up my own acct in Mar or Apr)... no stress.

Are you in the last 7 days?

No, 25 more days... I am able to just click on 'change plan' to program in next month's plan.

If your plan isn't up for renewal, I don't think the 'upgrade' plans available tell you anything. I saw the same 1000/0mb plan as an upgrade option before renewing my plan on the 500/100mb plan about 12 days ago.

zev161, are you looking for a new line, or a renewal? If a renewal, are you in the last week of your current month? That's the point at which most of us saw the option to renew on the old plan.

Last month, when programming in next month's 'change plan', I had the 500/100mb plan... today, only the 1000/0mb plan... :frowning:

No guarantees until zev161 (or someone else) confirms more recent renewals, but...

From memory, days before the renewal popup appeared on my account, the 500/100mb plan was nowhere to be seen moving forward. When the renewal popup appeared in the last week, renewing on the 500/100mb plan became a choice. This would be the expectation if the old 500/100mb plan is only available for grandfathered renewals on lines already on that plan. It's not likely to appear under the "change plan" menu since no one can 'change' to a plan that is no longer a current offer.

I hope KentE is right. With all the failed coupon credits, if my current 500/100mb plan isn't available when I go in to renew, I'll just cancel FreeUp and move to RedPocket.

I'm 10 days out so I will find out soon enough unless someone beats me to it

And PEW indicated his renewal was about 6 days ago, (25 days left on cycle as of yesterday), and renewed on the old plan.

I am also in 10 days for renewal. We'll see that soon....

Whew, good news! -- we are still grandfathered in. Renewed free plan, shows next month's plan as 500 talk/text + 100mb. Hopefully FreeUp will keep it this way forever -- the month-to-month uncertainty is starting to feel unpleasant. FreeUp should send an e-mail reassuring customers that the 100mb plan is here to stay grandfathered. That will calm people down and inspire confidence in the company.

My honest opinion-- I'm glad the grandfathered plan is still around-- but I'd have no problems at all having to switch to the 1000t&t/0mb IF FreeUP would get coupons working for everyone and make it easy to add the 250mb add-on, preferably on a automatic monthly basis. Any of us could easily earn the $5/mo in rewards to do that, if all of us could earn rewards reliably.

Ok. With all of these changes, is the plan still truly free (no taxes, fees etc)? Also, has anything changed as far as requirements to keep the free plan (# of required tasks)? I am considering this as a backup voice solutions should I drive into a T-Mobile dead spot. I figured I'd ask prior to go though the trouble of ordering and setup. Thanks!

The free plan has become easier. All that is required is to log in up to a week before your renewal date and click renew. Other than that it is totally free and works like a charm.

I opened a free plan about three weeks ago, and when I logged in today I received $10 bonus match for having earned $12.20 printing coupons the first three weeks of the plan. And, yes, one must log in about a week before the plan renew date and click renew my free plan.

Don't get too attached to that $10 bonus. It has a habit of disappearing and reappearing on a fairly frequent basis.

I am surprised he got it as it has been said elsewhere that freeup has said they have discontinued the $10 match. My 2nd account that reached $10 about a week ago didn't get the $10. I emailed support but no answer.