New CellNUVO app update

I just got a new update to 3.67.Haven't swiped much yet to see if it's an improvement.

supposed to be bug fixes for all the spending issues

No much improvement at all with regard ads. Waiting to April since less than one point per swipe is not going to cut it for me (especially with that lol up that is not yet gone on every swipe).

Ours or theirs? :slight_smile: Seriously, that would be a huge improvement -- it would be great to have the payments (Amazon or E-check) process within the 5-10 business day window as promised without "error" delays!

For now, I'm still giving CellNUVO the benefit of the doubt. They've overcome bugs before, and hopefully they will overcome these latest bugs, too.

No success - exactly the same for me after this upgrade and complete uninstall and reinstall of the app:

Sorry to hear that. Hope they can get everything working correctly soon.

Yes same here. It might be stuck for us since we already have that error and it may need to be manually cleared or to wait until the first payment is paid. Though support told me this update they were working on was supposed to clear this up :frowning:

Had high hopes when I saw this update today. Not one bit better though. Still has that @#$%^*&^%$ popup and the ^%%$#@#$ pause on every single swipe that may or may not even show an ad. All it does is drastically slow the whole process, and is totally unnecessary seeing as how it wasn't that way before and worked just fine. Still seems to pay less than a whole point for too many ads.

As for me, my family, and our circle of formerly happy CellNuvo users - we have almost completely stopped even bothering to use it. I check about once a day to see if there is a new update and that is about it.

Maybe someone trained their cat to swipe. Guess will have to get a pet monkey and train him to do the swipe and 2 taps. ;p

True Confession Time for Chelle:

The reason you haven't seen me complaining about the new app is because I hadn't "up"graded until this afternoon. I figured I'd let y'all blaze the trail and I'd stick with version 3.15.

It was working great for me! I was easily able to knock out my 20 entries per day (which is why I've been winning so much, lately) and was even getting lots of surveys.

The gravy train stopped, last night, when they cut off version 3.15. You can still watch ads-- and there are plenty of them-- but they no longer add to your silver. Dejected, I reluctantly installed version 3.69 on our phones.

The good news: Everything installed perfectly, there were no vestiges of the old app (i.e., phone payment options are no longer there, etc.), my balances transferred okay, and our accounts remained active.

The bad news: It's almost impossible to get an ad to start for the split-pot game. The only entries I've gotten, so far, were from a couple of surveys and a couple of ads. Basically, 4 entries in return for over a hundred swipes.

So, right now, your choices are version 3.15, which has lots of ads but doesn't give you points, or version 3.69, which would (theoretically) give you points but has no ads.

Oh-- and it's no longer one swipe for the split-pot ads. You have to swipe to try to get an ad and then, when you come up empty, you have to swipe to reset it so you can try to swipe again.

I can't even imagine the staff meetings CellNUVO must have had where everyone sat there and tried out the new app and thought:

"Isn't this awesome? They're going to love this new version-- especially with all of the extra unneeded swipes we've programmed in! If we take away all the ads that were in version 3.15, too, it'll be perfect!"

When I look at the catch-22 in versions 3.15 and 3.69 (ads but no points vs. points but no ads) I'm reminded of a time, in the 1980s, when it was illegal to drive a dirty car, in Moscow, and it was illegal to wash your car, in Moscow.

I don't know if those two laws are still in place, but I'm sensing some Russian collusion in the CellNUVO programming department. :wink:

Chelle wrote: "..... So, right now, your choices are version 3.15, which has lots of ads but doesn't give you points, or version 3.69, which would (theoretically) give you points but has no ads....."

So all that stuff from CellNuvo about Q1 being a slow quarter for ads, and the app is being updated because of abuse, and things will improve in the second quarter, and you will soon get lots of ads -- was just an excuse to cut our earnings in half?!!??

Ding! Ding! Ding! You, dear Sir, have summed it up quite nicely. Cellnuvo ran out of money. They're using new policies and encouraging multiple app use to replenish the coffers.

Thank you for posting this information.

I_one_2 wrote: Ding! Ding! Ding! You, dear Sir, have summed it up quite nicely.

I don't know I agree with i_one_2:

I_one_2 wrote: Cellnuvo ran out of money.

I_one_2 disagrees with that too:

I_one_2 wrote: They're using new policies and encouraging multiple app use to replenish the coffers.

Not according to i_one_2:

I don't get your point. Just spit it out.

Why bother

We are only 6 days into the quarter.

I think discussion in the other thread is relevant about how carrier payments simply are not feasible for cellnuvo. Once we accept that quite frankly all we are left with under the old system would be saving up monthly with a $100 limit and being limited to just one phone a year. Having to wait 4 months to get the same payout rate isn't that much of a change and can be an advantage. There is also the added flexibility of being able to buy anything as many times as we want and with echecks now too is a big improvement with this part of the system. I appreciate that they made an effort to improve what was remaining after having to make the hard decision to remove carrier payments. Several people seem to be taking the 9 month option so have an opposite view to those being expressed here and actually like being able to get more for their points in exchange for waiting.

I can understand your anger I really do. I was seriously impacted by the update as well and felt upset about a lot of what happened.

I don't appreciate the "abuse" statements as I haven't seen anything that remotely resembles users breaking payment rules.It is well nigh impossible since cellnuvo control that aspect of the system. I also didn't appreciate that they returned all amazon installments and I do think that was simply a case of easing cashflow issues. But nothing we say will get them to change that.

Exactly. And push out your payments 4 months. Stonewalling

It is unfortunate this is occurring, but it seems most have benefited from Cellnuvo up until this point. Do they not deserve benefit of doubt?

I'll sum it this way. I certainly think they ran into a cash flow issue due to the delays they have with receiving payments from the ad vendors thus the rushed app and the rushed policies without honoring existing orders.

I also think they are pushing ads systematically that probably pay them quickly but are not as plenty as the other ones and result in low payouts for us and thus there is no real shortage as share with the app versions.

Lastly, I think cell payments probably won't come anytime soon considering they have bigger fires to put out with these two rushed apps and the fact that they likely have said cash flow issue.

All in all, I am not happy about all of this but I am also thankful for the many cell payments they made for us. Edit: I am also thankful for the bonus they issued - even if they later go kaput.

That said, while my confidence level is low, I am still willing to give them a try and every day test the app to see if there is improvement. Now, if the pattern continues, I will likely scale down to trying every week.

I sincerely wish them the best and hope they can bounce back.