My 2nd pay went through

I paid 10 gold to my red pocket account 10 days ago, it gave me expiration date 1/5/2018.
This morning i requested another 10 gold pay through Cellnuvo app, just now I saw 10 gold deducted and my red pocket expiration date extended to 2/6/2018.

In Cellnuvo app history, so far i can only see last transaction. But red pocket account payment history is totally empty.

Obvious Cellnuvo is indeed working (more or less ). I am happy with that, and this gives me enough reason to continue swiping.

Excellent thank you. It has been a while since we heard any positive results.

Good for you.

If we begin to see more success stories, then maybe the little bit of pressure put on cellnuvo through honest 1 star reviews has had an effect.


Nothing to do with your illegal review

So it took 24 hours?

Did you use phone number or account number?

Probably 10 hours. used red pocket account number, not phone number

You should really take more credit with your "thief in the night" phrase. Maybe it worked on Tom the same it worked on Karl.

I do not use that in the Play Store. Did you?

Great news thank you. I wonder what would happen if you would have done it on the 1st do you think that your expiration date with a reset to the first?

Also I'm assuming that your phone number in the app and at redpocket on the same?

And that it is the original cellnuvo number or your number?

Yeah! sucess!!!
I wish all CN subscribers equal success in redeeming their hard earned credits!

Yes my red pocket gsma phone number is original Cellnuvo phone number, and it's shown in my Cellnuvo app.

Mine took 2 days. Seems rp misplaced it somehow
Forward to support and with in min fixed

I also have. GSM sim card

I think it's especially good news that min68's second refill added 30 days, rather than overriding the current period. Based on reports I'd seen about RP in general, I wasn't sure it would work this way.


Yesterday I paid $10 cash to activate another redpocket GSMA $10/month line for my family number,
So I have 2 redpocket GSMA lines with same $10/month plan: one is original Cellnuvo number, another is new phone number nothing related to Cellnuvo.

This morning I paid my 3rd 10 gold to redpocket through Cellnuvo App. I am 100% sure I input the new Redpocket account number. Just now I saw 10 gold deducted and checked redpocket account, the refill didn't go to my new(expected refill) Redpocket account, but old one (Cellnuvo number) got extended to 3/8/2018.

It looks to me Cellnuvo app only refills to original cellnuvo number, regardless how you input "Redpocket account" in payment menu.

They extended expiration date. Did they also add Mins//Texts?MBs allowances?

I used phone number in refill request and it worked fine.

No it's still 500/500/500. I believe it's same if you refill to redpocket by cash.

Since they extend the date then you should get a new 500/500/500 when your billing month ends and a new 500/500/500 a month after that.

Thanks - we are getting a lot of info from all your attempts here.

This explains a lot with those having issues with the number in the app not matching with the phone number. Of course if cellnuvo support updated the number as requested it wouldn't be a problem.

Or, if they stop making excuses and cut me a 30 dollar check, there would be no more problem, as least with me.

Bad debts are sold at 4-7 cents on the dollar. Given your opinion, maybe try selling at 2 cents per gold and find a taker?