Lost Gold? Anyone else?

Even during this transition, I've been swiping away and as of last night (9/18), got myself up to 178 Gold and change.

However, I woke up this morning (9/19) to only 164 Gold. My number still hasn't reverted, I've not used the phone at all other than to test here and there (< 5 texts, < 5 min) this entire transition period.

Anyone else? I just sent a note to support...

14 Gold is a lot to lose....

"14 Gold is a lot to lose...."
It sure is! Hope it gets restored soon.

I lot gold on all 3 of my lines. None of them have not reverted to original phone numbers as well.

I just checked my 2 lines: on the first, I actually saw gold revised downward as the app refreshed information. (2 gold) On the second, I didn't see the transition, but it also lost 2 gold & change.
There is one exact measurement of both lines gold loss, however. The "Your Silver" reading has returned to exactly what it was a couple of weeks ago: I know this only because I jotted those readings down from both phones as a prelude to comparing the earnings capability of 2 different Android versions. It's possible it's a coincidence, but highly doubtful.

At least in my instance, this seems to be an account update issue, where the account is refreshing from information a couple of weeks old, and not any charge for interim service. I'm not sure of how many days/weeks of activity are missing, since I didn't do any swiping during the early part of the troubles.

Well crap we just lost 3+ gold on one line and 600 silver on the other, wtf is going on now? What a cluster...

How can we lose credits when we're not even using the phones (since we still don't know what the rates are for talk/text/data). Every time you think it can't get any more bizarrely messed up -- it does.

They are probably doing something. There is a delay in ads crediting for me. One phone isn't getting silver at all.

Plenty needs doing with the silver balances so they are probably working on something. Bonuses since 1st Sept, referral credits since the blackout, updating silver awarded/used, linking the silver to the actual service so we can use it etc etc.

Hopefully they are not charging us for silver used since the blackout. Mine hasn't gone down (I don't think) but I didn't use anything over the past few weeks other than the odd test here and there.

i lost over 8 golds

Looks like I lost 2 golds, maybe we are paying for a plan whether we use it or not. Edit: I think it was 6 golds.

There is no way that i have used so much on this phone. If it costs 8 golds each month to maintain a line, i might just quit swiping.

Right, I lost 14 Gold with next to zero usage on my device while I wait out the transition. Can't believe this is tied to any kind of actual usage.

I'd like to stay optimistic about CellNuvo and be hopeful this is just another glitch as part of the transition, but as each week passes, the optimism decreases...

I'm stuck on whether I should keep swiping or just stop for now. I had been on a roll the last few weeks hoping to earn my 10% extra starting Sept 1. I wonder if the credits I earn now will be lost as part of the fix since it'll get all convoluted trying to revert back to what it should be, while tracking how much I earn since this mix-up etc.

On the value of Gold: EconPop - The Economics of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - YouTube

7 gold lost

My theory about losing gold is that CN does not have the funds to payout the total value of silver everyone has earned.

That would be one option, however, they can easily change the "value" of the gold at anytime. Today it is assumed 1 Gold = $1.11 based on the previous cost of buying gold ($10 for 9 gold). However, they could easily change the value retroactively by decreasing the purchasing power (i.e. 1 Gold = 50 cents) or going forward by lowering the amount you earn from ads.

I lost 5 Gold today......Glad to know I'm not the only one. When I look in the app under "purchase history" it is blank.


Hey, at least they are keeping consistent communication with all of their customers.

I got a response from CN support that they're looking into the loss of Gold. While they're at it, they said they're elevating my number restoration issue.

They did ask me to make sure I'm on the latest version of the app (which I am, v2.61). After the app update a few days ago, I didn't perform the new activation instructions since it was still tied to my account OK. I hope that's not the issue. I did ask if I needed to re-activate, they said no.

Continuing to sit tight...

Why can't they elevate the rest of us? It has been a month, right?

Why haven't they told people to download this new app except by individual email initiated by the client complaining?

Fortunately, I have not lost any gold, yet, but given that I only have 5 gold+220 silver, what would happen if I lost 6 gold? Would my phone work, and would I have a minus sign and the amount I owed to Cellnuvo? Seriously, though, having seen the considerable amount of effort that certain Cellnuvo users have put forth in earning large amounts of gold, this losing gold problem is the same as having one's money pilfered by who knows what. Hopefully, this is but a temporary glitch.