Let's get rid of that stupid whirlpool kiip

Go to hell

Ouch! Be nice

There is a 30 silver version of it. Wish there were more of them at 30.

I got that, too. Too bad it only worked once!


Whirlpool are not crediting. Please fix

The one that asks for the email, does work. 30 Silver. The one the asking "Add to Mobile Wallet" and "Shop Now" still do NOT credit. We can get it fix or get taken them off sooner if as soon as we notice it, just send email to support@cellnuvo.com. Include a link to the thread so that customer service rep knows that it isn't isolated incidents or that you just happen to have a device not compatible to the ad. I'll email support with link to this thread....hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

For all the time this ad aired with NO payments. How about a week with this ad at 60 silver to make up for this mistake?

I have seen this at least 100 times. All i can say to whirpool is go duck yourself. I am very hateful now.

At least the Whirpool ads are easy to close and avoid wasting more time.......

Is your friend hateful with her new phone?

Promptly received two emails from Cellnuvo!

1st email:
CellNUVO commented:
Thank you for letting us know about those ads- our tech people are following up with those ad developers so hopefully you don't receive any more of those non-paying ones. Have a great day- resolving ticket

2nd Email:
CellNUVO commented:
Thank you for that link- I have let our tech people know so will advise as soon as possible. Thanks!

Thank you success one.

I still see that disgusting whirlpoop ad.

Did you e-mail Tom and support

Im owed at least 2 gold from this ad no pay. Go to h...

Gripping only works with support. Not us here.

If they offer one silver, I will be disgusted only, not hateful.


It is out of retirement

I will never buy any whirlpool product again. I will never use any att service again. I think att and whirlpool should merge.

What problems have you had with ATT?