It is already 09-23-2017

So what is going to happen? What is the new rate on redpocket? I heard that the complimentary service ended yesterday?

9-24 Here EST

Are phones not working? Will have to check

My phone stopped working yesterday and I get a Red Pocket message asking me to do a refill. I contacted CellNuvo support and they emailed back with this reply:

"To recharge your account, visit Red Pocket Mobile Refill"

When I tried to do a $10 refill it asks me for my credit card or PayPal. There was no option for me to use my silvers. I emailed support again and have not heard back from them.

I think you are right to wait for CN to reply. How many min./texts/mbps would you have received for $10 if you had refilled yesterday, and was there an expiration date or whatever? Thanks

Maybe everybody has been had.

There is still no communication to all customers about the way forward, 3 weeks after Labor Day.

Just keep swiping.

It says for $10 I can get 30 days 500 minutes, 500 texts and 500 LTE Data. I am hoping I can use my silvers to pay for it.

Not a good sign. Where did everyone's accumulated money, aka gold and silver credits, go and how do people use it to refill their supposed accounts, especially now that the people who actually have functional phones are not receiving notifications that their phones will stop working unless they pay the piper. Weird stuff.

This is going on too long.

To lose service when we were on temp and they missed the date to connect account so

Not fair

Just got this from Red Pocket:

"Oops! It looks like you forgot something!"
"Come back and complete your purchase"
"Hello Red Pocket Customer, It looks like you forgot to finish placing your order! Please contact us at if you have any questions."

Question: Had you opened or created a Red Pocket account before your phone stopped working, or did you open one after it stopped working? Thanks.

No, I didn't open an account with Red Pocket before. I just followed CellNuvo's instruction to do a refill at Red Pocket after my phone stopped working.

Thanks. So it looks as if we can pay Red Pocket to refill our phones using a CC or Paypal without having opened an account with a password, address, and whatever is normally required. Peculiar.

from Cellnuvo or did you email redpocket?? Seems odd cellnuvo would say that. something doesn't add up They have never said that before and always have said that cellnuvo customer service would sort you out with more.

From CellNuvo Support. Here is the email:

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Re: My Red Pocket credits expired. Please refill.
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2017 12:07:07 -0500


To recharge your account, visit Red Pocket Mobile Refill

Makes you wonder if cn is outsourcing support to bizzaro land.

Maybe they thought you were a redpocket customer and not a cellnuvo one. You did say your redpocket credit had expired. Did you provide account details or just a blank email?

They should know. I gave them my CellNuvo account number, original phone, temp phone number, and device ESN.

If a human read it... sounds like an automated system saw a key word and sent you an irrelevant advice.

Hard to believe