Instant Pot Boneless Pork Ribs

I cook most meals in our Instant Pot. I'm so comfortable with it that I don't need recipes. Everything is automatic, now. Even new things.

Tonight I cooked boneless pork ribs and they were so incredibly tender that I had to share.

The package had 6 ribs and I placed them in the Instant Pot.

Add just enough water or chicken broth to cover the bottom of the pot to a depth of about 1/8". Optionally add a tiny splash of Liquid Smoke.

Pressure cook for 20 minutes then depressurize.

Remove all liquid from the pot (you should save it to make rice), add a splash of olive oil, switch the Instant Pot to saute (or sear or brown, depending on what model you have), and brown at least 2 sides of each rib.

Add just enough of your favorite BBQ sauce to thoroughly coat the ribs and continue to saute until it gets thick and candies onto the ribs. Serve with some extra sauce on the side.

They were unbelievable.

Next: add a little water to the Instant Pot to deglaze all the yummy bits from the bottom and sides. Add a splash of olive oil and the vegetables of your choice.

Saute veggies until there are lots of brown and even some black bits mixed in, and serve with the ribs. The leftover meat bits and candied BBQ sauce will really jazz things up. We chose Brussels sprouts (that we partially cooked in the microwave while the ribs were still cooking and then pan seared them in the Instant Pot).

This meal will be going into our regular rotation.

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Bought first instant pot a few months ago. Couldn't believe how good pork ribs are and ready so quickly. Pinto beans also quick. I was surprised I could make a hamburger patty with foil and it was delicious. Even my mom liked it and she usually likes nothing lol.

Sorry this is off topic, but does anybody know what the heck happened that got @Mark blocked???

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That seemed rather sudden, and I hadn't noticed it until you asked. I have no idea.

Good question D_D. I dunno nothing, but somebody did something that got Mark blocked.

In my opinion, it's been too Stalinesque in these parts.

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My guess is that it was for cooking a hamburger patty in foil.

Isamorph writes:
"Good question D_D. I dunno nothing, but somebody did something that got Mark blocked."

Or, Mark did something that got Mark blocked (although I'm not aware of what it might be), or it's an error.
As far as I know, only one entity can block someone in this forum (hungryghost), although anyone can petition for moderator action.

Hungryghost has said from the start that he's not going to explain moderator actions, which does leave some mysteries. If someone is concerned that the block is in error, I'd suggest flagging the last post and asking if it's intentional. (But don't expect a detailed answer, or necessarily a fast answer, or necessarily an answer at all. See the forum rules.)

FWIW, I do have some insight into hungryghost's moderating tendencies, and it's about as far from 'Stalinesque' as it's possible to get.

I am perplexed on the reason. But hg is fair and I am sure he has his reason.

I am sure mark can email hg.

I can't see any reason for it. Could be a mistake.

It is a permanent block so it would be something serious otherwise. Could have been posting with multiple accounts?

I hope mark See's this post and emails hg. Hg is very reasonable. So I hope it can be worked out

I did flag Mark's last post for moderator attention, in case it was an error.

Thanks, @KentE, both for flagging @Mark's final(?) post and the contact information (I forgot about that part of this forum). Hopefully everything can be resolved positively for all parties concerned!

I believe if Mark wishes to contact hungryghost through the contacts page, he should enter the same email address he used to originally register with the forum, in order to confirm identity.

Y'all have seriously hijacked my thread.

Can we just put his avatar on a milk carton and start a "Save Mark" GoFundMe?

Sorry Chelle.

I liked the brown rice thing

.... and now returning to your previously scheduled programming......

Chelle (or anyone else, but preferably someone who has cooked in an instant pot.....)
'Novice' does not begin to describe my instant pot knowledge.....
I have a lot of questions, but will try to restrict to one....
I noticed that you mentioned you 'pan seared' the brussels sprouts. Does this mean the brussels sprouts are in a separate pan inside the instant pot?
(Sorry if that's a silly question-- I think I've seen this done, as well as the use of a silicone riser to lift the separate pan off the bottom of the instant pot. I don't know why, or when......)

Chelle have you baked a cake for in the insta pot?

My birthday is coming up.

Just saying. Lol

Definitely not a silly question. There is a "pan in pot" technique that I and others use in certain cases. It still involves using steam to pressure cook the food, but it isolates the food from the liquid by placing a container inside the Instant Pot.

That's NOT what I do when I pan sear vegetables, though. I simply cook the vegetables in the Instant Pot with a little bit of fat and stir them as little as possible in order to maximize the amount of browning that takes places.

Veggies usually taste best when they've got lots of brown and even a little black on them after pan searing which, for vegetables, is basically just aggressive sauteing.

I've made quite a few cheesecakes in the pressure cooker but no regular cakes, yet. :slight_smile: