If you try to top-up

Phrased differently: Have Cellnuvo subscribers ever been able to submit gold/silver directly to Red Pocket as payment for Red Pocket services?

Why? To what avail?

you think rp is an idiot? lol

:lol: Good one. I know, right? Straight up tomfoolery. RP'd be like, "excuse me, but what is this?"

Sadly, I didn't take a screenshot when I used app & redeemed 5 gold last Thursday which didn't deduct from the balance. I've already emailed them about top up not crediting or restoring service but haven't received reply yet.

Wondering now if I should do it again & take screenshot in case they question it.

It is not working for anyone at this point.

Yes that was the question I was getting at. But I'm not talking about them accepting CellNUVO currency itself. I'm talking about whether the system has ever allowed a CellNUVO customer to make the transaction without any human intervention.

Is the answer yes or no?

You might try seeing the post immediately above your last comment. :slight_smile:

Will do. Hold that thought. BRB.:whistle:

Ok, so the folks at RP are idiots?

I wouldn't go that far, but when they have my account and it doesn't work one wonders what is going on with them. My phone number shows up on their website with a balance and allotted minutes, texts, and data but doesn't work. I tend to believe at that point it is on them not CN. Anytime you have third parties involved relaying info back and forth it can cause problems.

Sounds like the onus is on CellNUVO to get to the bottom of this.

Additionally, who knows what rules have been set up to process redemptions. Might not be a bug, could be a feature.

I wouldn't extend much of a credit line to CellNUVO, I might even ask for a deposit.

The answer is still yes. Try reading first. The answer you couldn't bother to read is the same one that Legally-Speaking didn't bother to read. It's the same answer you'd both know if you actually followed the CellNuvo threads instead of just looking for places to snipe.

Yes, jemiahl was the first one, and probably the only one so far, to obtain service by topping up with golds without CN intervention, which means that technically it is already feasible for them. As a result, I suspect that this service interruption is intended by CN out of financial concern. I hate being so pessimistic but to me this is closer to truth.

Thanks Hungry-Hog. I appreciate you taking the time to answer and provide the additional and important context.

Ok so lets say you are correct. If this is the case. Cellnuvo has no choice but to close down.

People will not continue to swipe unless they can use gold.

If you are correct then they close down.

So why not post a goodbye message and be done with it?

I think and hope you are wrong

I am aware of at least 2 other members who have successfully topped up an account with gold through the app store. I haven't tried to track all such reports, but there haven't been a lot. I'm also aware that those who do not have problems may not post to announce it.

(Edit to add: MicrotonalBanana was not in my memory banks-- so that makes at least 3 successful refills after jamielih reported initial success. Still, far below what we should be seeing!)

I had no issue topping off my second line from the app store. Took about 24 hours to process, but service was restored (only calls were working for 2 days before I tried the 5 gold top off).