If you try to top-up

If you try to top-up through the app. Please remember to take a picture or screenshot.

You can use this for proof to support. They kept questioning me till I gave them a picture.
Nothing shows in history. So this is your only proof

Do not post pictures here only give to support in an email.

What happened after they received your screenshot and they believed you? Did your phone start working, or are you still waiting? Thanks

I noticed that the confirmation screen also includes a transaction confirmation #. I took a screenshot, and copied that number for future reference.
At this point, I think either providing the screenshot or the confirmation number primarily serves to let CN know that the app actually was used to try to refill, and that app itself acknowledges the action.
In my case, there was no deduction of Gold balance indicated.

After picture they said:

  1. said ok we see you tried to top up

  2. All working on cellnuvo side. It is something on redpocket's side. They are trying to fix it

  3. years do not have service same issue as all of you

  4. my old number was returned to me.

  5. I bought a rp sim card. Cellnuvo moved my number to new gsm sim. All the online checks shows I am on tmobile

  6. No gold deduction

Still no service is frustrating. Support has bee quite to say the least.

they dont have enough money to redeem your golds.... that is how i understand.

Just curious how you came to that conclusion?

If that's the case then all my golds are going down the drain :S

Not just you. All of us

I just do not agree.

If Hungry hog is correct. Why did support spend weeks transfering my number to gsm?

Spending time getting back my old number

There's no other plausible explanation in light of the mechanics of redemption.

Of course there are other explanations. Some just choose to not see them.

Was redeeming Gold for service on Red Pocket previously possible?

I told you not to further Talk, quote or continue to troll me

There are no facts to base assumption on that CN has no money. If they had no money why would they spend money on that new support service/software? That would make NO sense.

Agree there are no facts.

But there is a plausible way in which they get to a situation where they end up without money. Namely loss of advertising revenue due to lost customers during this botched transition.

But we need to hear from hungry hog where he got his information from.

Agreed. That is how I view it

No. Red Pocket does not deal in such tomfoolery.:lol: Want gold or silver (play play currency) redeemed, go through Cellnuvo app then Cellnuvo (hopefully) converts to cash and pays Red Pocket.

it is still possible but it is done manually and up to cellnuvo leniency. btw i have no authority to back up my speculation but i guess the revenue is low because ads are limited. they are struggling to survive...if you want to know why they still help you on topup or carrier switching.


quote="JTSR71" post=14111]Was redeeming Gold for service on Red Pocket previously possible?

Yes. Intermittently, and seemingly at random. Successful transactions have been followed hours later by failed transactions, and vice versa. (more failures than successes.)
To claim that this is evidence that CellNuvo has no money, coupled with the fact that it sometimes works, would necessarily imply that they are running on $5 cash flow increments, in real time. (I didn't have $5 to refill an account an hour ago, so I didn't refill it. I just got $5, so I'll honor the next refill request I get. Etc., etc.) It is highly unlikely that CN receives income in real-time $5 increments, or that they pay Red Pocket in real-time $5 increments.

A buggy software system somewhere fits the facts more elegantly.

Cash flow problems may well exist at CN: I have no info. Paying suppliers, including Red Pocket, may be an issue. The flaky and intermittent nature of successful refills is not, however, good evidence of same.

Such as...? The value of gold/silver is utterly useless until converted by Cellnuvo. Cellnuvo is aware of redemption attempts yet the final step (conversion to cash and payment to Red Pocket for service) is not being completed. What other explanations are there that are not being seen?

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Everyone who tops up should take a picture or screenshot for support