Ideas for what to buy using your silver in the cellnuvo in app store

Tom is looking for more ideas on what to include in the cellnuvo store. This is the store in the app that will let you buy things using silver rather than cash if you prefer. I am personally hoping they will put phones in there so I can get a free phone as well as service!

My ideas-

  • Phones
  • Phone accessories
  • Gift cards
  • Charity donation

Apps have been mentioned before as well as newspaper subscriptions.

Anyone like these ideas or have any of their own??

Thank you!

A month of unlimited throttled data.

I like this one a lot. How would it work? You get no 4g at all and just 2g the whole month unlimited?

I guess using silver for Disney World is out of the question lol?

  1. I would love to see an option to activate "not smart" devices, like flip phones and sprint phone connect with the app being installed on a different device - other phone or a tablet. I would pay 2,000 extra points for it a month.

  2. I would throw in another 2,000 points for tethering (not on a flip phone :))

  1. You could try sending support an email with the meid of the flipphone and see if they can swap to it. You can already use the app on another device.

  2. Tethering is already free. After a month I can confirm my tethering is now working as of this morning!

I would like to see the ability to purchase data buckets (1GB, 2GB, etc.) at reduced silver prices.

Something like 1GB bucket for 10 gold that lasts 30 days.

  1. I don't want to swipe out any of my two phones and I don't want to create another account just to check if my flip phone would activate..., but if someone tries that, please share!

  2. It's great that it works for you. How exactly did you activate it? I recently was denied tethering with this message from support:

"Tethering will be available in the near future. Please check our website for availability".

I also started another thread here with this topic

LOL What's old is new, is gold and silver.. Does anyone remember s&h green stamps stores?

A CellNUVO patch for my disc golf backpack. And actually, I could use a new Grip AX15 backpack too.

So how about a monthly raffle where you can buy entries with silver?

Anyone else?

A idea from the reddit would be to be able to buy the ability to lower the price of calls/texts/data

eg you pay 20k silver and then you get talk for 10 silver/text for 1 silver/data for 10 silver. The 20k being a one off payment a bit like M+ (dare I say it)
or 10k silver brings you to 15/2/15 talk/text/data

Micro sd card
Usb cable
Raffle for show tickets
Power bank
Advance bucket with expiration

Can anybody confirm that if this is available or not?

Nothing is available yet - they are just gathering ideas of what people want at the moment.

I want a girlfriend

Talked to legal on this, no go on the mail order brides. If it makes you feel any better, they also nixed my idea to be able to use silver to buy beef sandwiches....


So. We have had several folks do a really awesome job summarizing the ideas in here. Thanks! (if you were one of the ones who sent me a summary and didn't ask for a hat, you should....)

We are actively working on this portion of our service. Lots of updates being worked on. Lots of crazy cool development from our Dev team based on your suggestions.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The content and ideas in here is absolutely spectacular.

You are making me hungry

Bucket of data addon at reduced points

What about a Pandora subscription