I have an idea for cellnovo

dump redpocket immediately and use tello.

tello has a paygo plan similar to cellnuvo plan, so tello would be happy to take in cellnuvo suckers. it makes no difference to tello whether the money is from us or cellnuvo.

redpocket does not have a similar paygo plan... it seems to me that they are screwing cellnuvo.

the only disavantage to use tello is that it is based on sprint. so what? cellnuuvo was in sprint anyway. if you want gsm, you can get it later with either redpocket or tpo, or maybe at that time tello has gsm too. now cellnuvo is draining the money and going nowhere other than bankruptcy. people are leaving.

Do you mind emailing Tom about this? I'm not kidding.

you do it lol

No thanks. Ringelmann effect - Wikipedia

Interesting suggestion, Hungry-Hog. I agree wholeheartedly with your conclusion that working service on Sprint is preferable to non-working service on a variety of carriers.

Interesting article, jamielih.

if cellnuvo transfers to tello i am willing to pay ten dollars (real cash) to jump start my account. after that we could go back to the old arrangement. we could also give 30 points per minute.

this redpocket thing stinks!!!

Might be a good idea. Tello are a great mvno with good plans and paygo. This redpocket partnership doesn't seem to be working well at all. From the sound of things redpocket aren't interested in fixing issues and cellnuvo has little power to make redpocket do anything about it.

One problem is that redpocket seem to have coded the infinite plan as a 30 day plan. Cellnuvo insist there is no expiry.

My idea was to let us buy redpocket annual plans like they sell on ebay. Actually it should be easy to do since the plans are provided using a code/pin. We redeem the 55 gold and they email us a code to add to our lines via the redpocket site. Done for a year. But yes I know some want paygo so it doesn't solve that problem.

mmfacemm, I've seen you mention the advantages of fewer refill cycles with the yearly plan-- but this is the first time I've noticed your suggestion that it could be done by nearly completely bypassing the refill link between CN and RP. I like that twist.

I am willing to do that. Once a year and done.

I am even willing for them to go to Tello.

Yes i rather have GSM. But I rather have a working service then NO service

your idea is acceptable to me as i am willing to salvage whatever left, however, it might not work for cellnuvo. First, cellnuvo might have run out of cash. it cannot allow so many member to redeem so many points all of a sudden. Second, most people will leave after they redeem the points.

if cellnuvo dumps redpocket for tello right now it can still be cured. otherwise the ship will sink very soon.

it is obvious that redpocket is not interested in a paygo without an expiration date, but such a plan is the reason many people join cellnuvo.

To make it easier, cellnovu or tello can charge each account $5 to transfer to tello. Those who are not willing to will be deleted or put in limbo.

I personally will never join red pocket. Their practice disgusuts me. I do believe that they have promised cellnuvo a paygo plan without an expiration date. They do this deliberately to trap cellnuvo members, hoping that they will join their plans. Well, free well targeted advertisement for them.

I have no facts to support my analysis though. So everything I said is a guess. My personal opinion.

That's almost the same as swipe for gift cards idea that some here shot down awhile back. Saying something about other companies are already offering that and that's not what CN is about. Can't remember. It doesn't matter now.

If CN have the capital then situation most likely would be different right now. Also if CN had kept their customers in the loop during this time, good or bad, many would have remained loyal and not have bailed.


Remember in the beginning cellnuvo put all phones to $10 essential plan? Well, if cellnuvo transfer all accounts to tello,'s paygo plan, I guess most people will still have phone service now. That partnership with rp is an awful business decision. Anyway, most of cellnuvo phones will end up in tello... So tello still wins, but cellnuvo did not have to lose. It had a chance. The chance is still there, though it is fading away.

Everytime I counted Tom out he bounced back.

tello system is good too. it allows users to change plans freely.

assuming cellnuvo had 20,000 phones, well, most of the $200,000 was flushed down to toilet within a month... if it was in tello, people still have phone service, they are still swiping, bringing money to cellnuvo... now, people are pissed off because cellnuvo can no longet feed the crocodile for phone service.

In my opinion, Tello is a well functioning MNVO and would welcome former CN users, but would want nothing, I believe, to do with CN per se. I would guess that CN has maybe a hundred or so customers who are still waiting around, and I don't believe that this small amount of people would be of much interest to Tello's bottom line, though it will be interesting to see if Tello offers a promo to CN customers when, and if, CN officially closes shop. The few employees at CN may have had good intentions, but the world is full of people with good intentions who lack a viable plan for bringing about what was intended, and thus fail at their endeavors.

I think it's an excellent idea to change to Tello! Tello has great customer service, dashboard is second to none...very well-designed, prepay services which is more similar to CellNuvo's former cell partner. When CellNuvo finds the right cell partner, it can ramps up its acquiring new customers and advertisers. Also its website must be update weekly as not to lose its current customers and to prevent bashers from doing communication for CN.

if there are not many members left, cellnuvo can fill up for the active members manually. it can just purchase minutes for our accounts like regular people do. or it can issue us credits which could be used in tello and we will buy service from tello with those credits.

lets say i make 20 golds this month, cellnuvo will pay $20 to tello for my account this month.

or what the heck i should do swapbucks and use the money to buy tello service.

this rp deal is a piece dead meat.

Bottom line we are all on the outside guessing

I do believe though with more communication. People would of been happy to swipe to keep money flowing in.

Even people who left would swipe if it meant that they could use gold for phones

Well, no one really knows what is going on with the few CN employees. Does CN have any money to do much of anything, does RP really care about CN's success? Who knows? As I said, I don't think Tello would want anything to do with the few CN employees given their recent track record, and the way they have not communicated with customers.