Hulu 1 year discount is ending

Well, after a year of 99 cent Hulu, looks like it's coming to an end. Probably going to cancel it and see what else is out there. Any similar deals this year?

I followed these steps to cancel, which resulted in 1 month free offer:

I didn't have to do any special steps and it still offered me one month free on the way out the door.

I would have kept it but there's no way to control bandwidth usage in the Roku or Fire Stick apps. Hulu uses as much bandwidth as it can possibly get, which sucks if you're watching your gigabytes.

I was able to throttle it in my router but I'm still annoyed that there's no way to adjust video quality if you have a data cap.

Yeah, everytime the Roku runs Hulu, it's like I am being jammed.

Get 1 month of Hulu
Try our ad-supported plan. FYI, if you take the offer and you're on any free trials, you'll lose access to them immediately. Only $5.99/mo after offer period.

1 month on us!
After your offer period, and at the end of any applicable discounts, you will be charged $5.99/mo plus taxes, if any, on a recurring basis. If you cancel during your offer period, you will not be charged. Your subscription will continue until you cancel. To cancel, log into the Hulu website, go to your account page, and follow the instructions. By selecting 'Take Offer,' you agree to this recurring charge.

Got my 1 month free trial extension.

They are doing it for $1.99 a month for a year this year. Ends Monday. New and existing customers.

Still a decent price.

It's good enough to tempt me.
I haven't tried buying, but the Hulu page says
"Hulu’s $1.99/month offer is an online-only, limited time offer that is available only to new and eligible returning subscribers."
while a user on Slickdeals quotes terms including
"Offer valid for new and eligible returning subscribers (who have not been Hulu subscribers in the past 12 months) only"

When using mmfacemm's link, I"m apparently still signed in to an account that I cancelled a few days ago, and the offer is front and center.

I'm almost sure you'll have to use a different email address.

I had cancelled Hulu, last week, but this deal is good enough for me to sign up for another year.

My biggest beef is that you can't adjust video quality in the Fire Stick or Roku apps and Hulu gets pretty greedy with bandwidth sometimes. I throttle it with my router though.

Well, looks like Hulu will be gaining one new customer. :slight_smile:

For the truly frugal, purchasing via Rakuten (formerly ebates) gets you $1 cashback.

Purchasing it though Samsung Pay Deals gets you $12 back.

Signed up using the Samsung Pay $12 cash back link. Almost missed it, thanks!

All set for another year of so-so programming... well, at least, it is still $12 for 12 months (net). :slight_smile:

Cashback never showed up and support say any promo rate voids cashback deal.

Mine still shows as pending (there's usually a lag of 1-2 months from purchase to actually getting it).

Not pending for me. Shows as $0 though it shows in my shopping trips.

My Samsung Pay still showing the $12 as pending...

No sign of the $12. :frowning:

BTW, getting $2.99/mo offer on the first acct that I canceled.

The $12 cash back shows up on my Samsung Pay!!!

Yes I got it too! Despite it never showing up as pending.

Once again, we are at the end of the 1 year special... will Hulu offer another deal this year? I think so.