Hulu 1 year discount is ending

I suspect you're right. Seems like there is a lot of competition for streaming services.

I'm trying to figure out if I care. With several free choices, we almost never watch anything on Hulu anyway. (But I'd probably go for another $2/mo deal.

(EDIT to clarify): streaming isn't our only option. We have a cable package. We also have Amazon Prime, so the basic Prime Video that's 'free to us' since we pay for Prime for the free shipping feature. We'd undoubtedly watch more on Hulu if we didn't have those options.

I'm hoping, as well.

Also, my MotorTrend video subscription is getting ready to jump from $2/month to something a lot higher, so I'm going to cancel and hope for another deal.

"I am Greta" is on Hulu! :slight_smile:

Hulu is bringing back its Black Friday deal this year. Beginning at midnight on Thanksgiving Day (11/26), new and eligible returning* subscribers can sign-up for Hulu’s ad-supported plan for just $1.99 per month for one year.

Hulu’s ad-supported plan is normally $5.99 per month.

The deal starts at midnight on Thanksgiving and runs through 11:59 PT on Cyber Monday, November 30.

*Only new and returning subscribers (those who haven’t been a subscriber in the last three months) — meaning that those who signed-up for the deal last year aren’t eligible.

So, if you are a current subscriber I guess you will need to be a "different person" to re-up for another year.

Somehow, I forgot to sign up before the 30th. Oh well, guess I'll enjoy the rest of my Hulu promo + 1 month free until 1/1/21. :frowning:

Well, I got back in for 12 mo last year at $1.99/mo. Here's hoping the deal appears again this year. It's really not worth more than $1.99/mo, IMHO.

99c/mo is back, deal ends Nov 28, 2023. Darn, only for new or lapsed (>1mo) subscribers. Gonna have to sign up using another family member's email. :slight_smile:

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You can also get both hulu & disney plus for $2.99/month for 12 months - sign up with Hulu.

Oh, there is Starz for 99c/mo for 6 mo too.