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Free iPhone deals on Metro are almost always in-store only. I have never seen an iPhone deal on Metro that did not require port-in of an existing number. And the only way you can port in is to go to a store.

If you have to go to a store, it's usually best to go to a corporate-owned store as opposed to one that's operated by a 3rd party reseller. There are many horror stories of how 3rd party resellers try to gouge new customers by upselling other services, especially insurance and insisting that you need to sign up for a more costly plan to qualify. Third party stores also tend to charge you sales tax on the pre-discount price of the phone.

Yes, I see, porting only at a store. No convenient corporate stores for me
With the associated store activation fee even if you avoid the added nonsense (forced plan upsell, insurance, case) seems getting the deal online w/new # would be the way to go for me.

Then there's this:

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A Father's Day gift that some father might really appreciate.

I bought two of these last year , one for my father , and one for my father-in-law , and I agree with the company's description:

"This is truly a Crystal Radio kit you'd be proud to own and have on display.
Our kit is built around a hefty pre-drilled block of prime Red Oak. The kit's hardware is heavy, solid brass
We also include a modern diode with all versions of the radio. This allows you to use the radio with either the 'old time' cat's whisker or modern diode and compare the differences in performance."

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Wow! What a neat idea! Which version did you give you father / FIL?

Even though it says, "From 8 years old to 80 - you'll thoroughly enjoy assembling this kit and like it even more when you hear your first radio broadcast.", I think my 88 year old dad might actually like that, too!

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I got both of them the fully assembled version.

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If you don't mind having another iffy device in your house. :slight_smile:

If you want to watch Yellowstone, here's your chance to watch them all for $20.

Time to load up with more prepaid VISA cards.

promo code SUMMER23

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Since I reached the 3 post limit, I am starting a 2nd Hot Deals thread.

Jun 17 is CH*

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What's the 3 post limit?

When you post 3 times in a row (and no one else posts), you are unable to post a 4th. Anti-spam feature. :slight_smile:

iPhone SE 3rd gen for $149

Not as good as the $99 AT&T Prepaid I got a few months ago but this one can be unlocked in 60 days.

Total by Verizon has a better deal at $157.50 for the iPhone SE (3rd gen with 30 days of service). Unlocks after 60 days also.

Seems another company wanting people to load their debit card.

Code: 3GUEST10

Walmart+ membership for 1 year @ $48 (after $50 free Walmart cash card is subtracted from $98 upfront fee)
What I like most about Walmart+ is that includes unlimited free delivery of groceries ( minimum $35 per order).
Promo expires after this Wednesday, 1/31/2024. (BTW, kinda rare to see +288 thumbs up on SlickDeals.

I have used Costco Sameday (so Instacart delivery), it is so convenient but they do mark up the price! If you are a Costco member, you can sign up for Instacart+ which lessens the markup at Costco Sameday.

BTW, Costco sells Instacart gift card at 20% discount, so Costco Sameday is actually a little cheaper than buying in the warehouse. LOL$100-e-gift-card.product.4000235882.html

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Panera 3 mo free, new and lapsed subscribers, I think. They stopped offering the caffeine lemonades.

I never had much interest in living to be 100 years old.......until now!

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