Hopefully new CN CS Ticketsystem is a good sign

Just sent support more emails about 2 separate phones not getting refills in over week. Got this response:

Reply above this line.

Just confirming that we got your request. We're on it.

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This is new. Hopefully a sign of better tracking or perhaps outsourced support to handle the demand? I sure hope so because even once you have your phone working/restored there are so many unanswered questions and it seems like is is extremely difficult to get refills processed and even know if they were processed and see any indication of it on it on RPM dashboard. I hope this will help turn things around quicker and allow other support staff to focus on bigger issues to streamline the service.

I'm getting deja vu about when R+ introduced the new customer support system "to serve you better".

I don't recall it improving things much.

Can a leopard change it's spots?

Jira Service Desk seems to be a software platform by Atlassian. It doesn't necessarily mean that customer service is being outsourced, but does indicate an intent to organize & track service requests. (It could be used by existing CN staff, or the entire workflow could be outsourced.) Either way, it should be a better option than a pile of emails in an inbox. (Of course, at this point the first step in using Jira would be to transfer the request form the email inbox to Jira......)

I sent support an email last night. No response at all and never seen anything like what just received

Well many of us are having refill issues. I recommend to take a picture of a done refill. Since there is nothing in history of the app.

I guess I rather have an automated response that they are working on it. Then no reply for a week

I like you can sign up for an account and track your support requests.

You can track your support requests on email too.

Of course, if you have a lot of support requests, which is likely the case with CN, then having a formal system with a dashboard could be helpful.

How long does it take to get the Auto response?


Did anyone sign up?

Jira is a pretty good help desk platform, and Atlassian a well-respected service provider. My company is looking at switching to a portion of the Atlassian suite in the hopefully near future, and I - as the long-standing advocate of some of what we'd be replacing - am delighted.

Yea but still no support reply

Implementing a support ticket system is helpful, but in a company like CellNUVO, it will not by itself lead to better support.

We saw the same with R+ and it was a predictable false claim. "New support system to serve you better". Yeah right!

I'm going to cry - such a momentous occasion. Is that the first time you said one thing positive about cellnuvo??


I actually had several phones internationally unlocked via their support system and was pleasantly surprised it worked so well. Not everything was bad.

It may well be. I didn't like what I saw with CellNUVO from the beginning when R+ refugees discovered it and shared the possibility of a so called "free" replacement to R+.

But the thing that really turned me off were all the problems people were reporting. If there were not so many negative experiences reported, not just recently, but from before, I wouldn't have formed a negative impression of the company.

If the vast majority of comments become positive as in things working smoothly, logically, as expected and without bugs, and that problems get fixed quickly, and there is something like 6+ months of stability, then my own comments would turn more positive. That does not mean I would become a customer because all that swiping is not worth my time.

Good that you understand the difference between possible improvements and actual results. That's not often the case with you and moreso many others.

No not everything was bad with R+. But both R+ and CellNUVO were / are bad in more ways than they are good and they're a far cry from averagely run companies. I find it difficult to choose which company is worse. R+ which was delusional about it's business model or CellNUVO which is completely apathetic to losing customer's numbers including permanently and service for 2 months or more.

But maybe what is worse are the "eternally optimistic" cheerleaders and hopeful spinners who readily believe dialer apps are on their way, unlimited plans were taken away from us by big bad Sprint, and that deals were about to be signed with major MVNOs, also taken away from genius Karl by big bad Sprint.

I was going to give a
non !!Sigh!!


What most do not understand is no financial risk is why we all are lenient

Plus before this mishap. There was never a service issue. At least for me

I actually sent Tom telling him service was spot on. Well as much as Sprint quality would let it.
Then next day bam all hell broke loose

I read the CN forums here for months before signing up, and in the months since signing up. I also so no instances of widespread problems with anything other than the swiping app-- and most of those were very short-term, with credit being added retroactively. A few glitches with phones not being set up properly, data issues, etc.-- but that happens with any carrier, including the big 4. Assistance always took a few days longer, but seemed less frustrating than some reports I've seen from much larger MVNOs, or even prepaid branches of the big 4..

Swiping seemed like a 'gimmick' to me at first, but once I looked at cash rates, that concern went away. And to my surprise, earning my silver was far easier than I expected it to be.

Frankly, I have no problem understanding why some would never trust CN after this issue. I don't understand why some made up their minds far in advance of any major issue that the company was shady in any way. With risks that happen with any small MVNO, sure. With additional risks due to relying at least in part on an outside party as part of revenue production, sure.

Since I think the idea of considering CellNUVO as "shady" in advance of their major issue, is being attributed to me, that is not the descriptor I would use nor the assessment I made.

After reviewing their website and what reviews I could find about them, I did not consider CellNUVO professional enough to provide a reliable product and service.

That assessment was borne out, spectacularly so in my opinion, over the last two months and still continues to be. What has happened, how they have dealt with it, and how they have communicated, is not normal. It is wrong to try to normalize it.

Since that was who they were before the major issue, and it is who they were during the issue and who they remain even now, there is good reason to conclude that this leopard will not change it's spots.

Says the person in love with freedompop

I literally laughed more than I ever have reading something on an internet forum, and boy have there been some good ones before.

Remind me, are you in middle school or high school?

"in love with freedompop"?

Thanks for the laugh!


13 sims - you'll be married soon.


I understand that I could donate them to all the remaining CellNUVO customers and still have 9 left.