Has anyone been able to successfully redeem their Amazon gift card this month?

15 days wait for me. 7-10 days wait in initial email was fake. for sure they have cash flow issue now. Whoever planning Amazon card for black Friday - will never happened, since a lot of people will try to cash out in November.

Wow, just wow

Anyone get Amazon gift card yet or response from Tom/support?

Should I stop swiping?

Only if your really negative, plus you said you need to go to store to swipe. So maybe not worth your time?

My question was never answered. Is this just a Amazon gift card issue or all payments.

This is simply speculation since I do not work for CellNuvo:

If the problem is cash flow for some users, maybe it might be better to be honest to users, and simply have a requirement to pay us when you receive the money from ad companies.

Edit: That is assuming the initial payment from ad company to cellnuvo is reasonable like sometime within a month.

We have been backed up
Have a great weekend!

(It can take 7-10 business days to process). As soon as your order

processed we will let you know. Thanks!
Stephanie, CellNUVO support

I had a Sprint payment go thru.

Was this within last 2 weeks?

I submitted a Sprint payment on Friday 9/21, and it credited today 9/24.

Ok so it is only Amazon or the ammounts involved?

It's only $$$$$. Amazon gift card.

I had a redpocket monthly 10 gold go thru yestreday. My annual plan went thru but no amazon gift card. They show 255 gold taken out of my account on that. Supposedly waiting for gift card to go to my amazon account. Put in on Sept 17 so mines still no big deal . But some people 20 days I believe.

So why can't cellnuvo explain why it is a Amazon issue. Instead of people say thing they are going out of business

There’s an old saying.......
He who holds the Gold makes the Rules!!! Sad but true.


So Tom should explain what is going on

It's not a staff backlog issue either, because non-gift card responses are being sent out.

3 weeks waiting for me......

Just curious

  1. last time support emailed you

  2. did you ever E-mail Tom?

I did not email Tom. I am sure everything is going on under his control.

I had email from CS week ago, saying just wait.