Has anyone been able to successfully redeem their Amazon gift card this month?

It's been 13 days on my account and my friend has been waiting 2 weeks now

Is it for a phone? Or Redpocket annual plan?

What phone or plan you want to get?

Day 4 on trying to get rp phone plan.

Wow, seems like CN is getting a deluge of large redemption requests.

Might be worth re-reading SuccessOne's excellent comment on how cash flow issues can impact even a healthy company.

Feels like cash flow issue.

I wonder if it is all payments or just Amazon?

This reminds me of "Seinfeld - Car Reservation". After all, we reserved the money through "phone installments", didn't we? :slight_smile:

TWO FULL WEEKS NOW!!! Still haven't gotten my gc. Is this the end?!

Did you email them?

What phone you trying to get?

Of course I emailed them! I'm trying to get a iPhone 5c.

I'm going to stop swiping because it doesn't seem like I'm getting my money. If I end up getting it, i might continue ...but as of now I'm done.

Lol 4 weeks ago you were gushing because cellnuvo helped you buy a flagship-ish phone (s8?)

If this is the same account you can only buy one phone per year so your long wait will be for nothing anyway...

Yes it isn't good to have to wait this long. I would at least give them 10 business days before being concerned though. Even then cellnuvo aren't exactly the most punctual bunch. I would advise some more patience and soon(tm) you will get your gift card and be happy again! It seems like there are quite a few requests in the queue so it might just be a busy month. '

Did you get any response from Tom or support?

When did you put in the request? Day of month.

I got a carrier payment with in 36 hours and made it in first week of month

So I am seriously concerned if this is a Amazon issue or cash flow issue?

Also iPhone c not a very expensive phone. So I wonder what the hold up?

Diff account... Cellnuvo has no cap on amount of accounts

Thanks - yes I figured but just wanted to make sure you weren't waiting for nothing.

The least they could do is resond to your emails. That doesn't cost them anything.

No matter what happens forward from today. I say you are a huge winner getting a new Galaxy s8.

What's the max value of Amazon gift card for phone purchase?

Was never announced. So as long as you are willing to wait 10 months. You can get iPhone 10