Global unlimited plan

I am actually very interested in freeup global unlimited plan. I am welling to pay if it actually works. Anyone tried this plan?
Secondly, anyone using iphone with Freeup? Does imessage work? I am this close of porting my number out of verzion, but not sure if that's a wise thing, since I do need my old number for business.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Fasier1 mentioned he has used the $20 global plan, I think, for some time, and hasn't mentioned problems with calling, data, etc. Maybe he will have some info concerning iphone use.You could port your business number to Google voice and forward your calls to the new number you get with the FreeUp plan.

Thanks. Hopefully s/he will chime in. We use a lot of iMessage communicating, so I’d like to keep the number on the iPhone if possible. I have had problems with GV..... sigh too many problems.

Thanks again.