FreeUp reduces coupons to 10 Cents!

Maybe you could get their Visa card and buy gas or other items at any store and pay the balance with points. I just glanced at the credit terms and it shows no annual fee but it does have a high interest rate. I need more info before I jump in. On the power points site if I click on coupons it shows nothing but if I click on the shop tab it shows deals and when that is clicked I can then select shop for site where they show many coupons to print. Not sure if this is how you get rewarded or not.

So if you're in Cali and have an EV, you're in luck... get the $1.50 credit and then get the credit card to pay toward your power bill. $1.50 should be enough to pay for the day's drive (6Kwh?) if your commute is short.

I am not sure high interest rate matters as long as you're not really planning to carrying a balance, you really want zero annual fee and ability to use it anywhere.

Not sure, but I suspect Gulf rewards is much the same as FU closed rewards program in that credits can only be used for Gulf gas or products purchases just like one can only use FU credits for paying one's AT&T plan and nothing more.

ecomobile seems like the most logic choice to explore rather than gulf lol.

Logic: Peculiar that they still have a section within their FAQs about porting form Ring+.:huh:

Perhaps reduced to .07 cents. Appears that FU is at again, or is the culprit billaway. The coupon page still says .25 per coupon and .50 cents a day. Anyway, today I printed seven coupons all at once rather than separately. But 7x7 does equal .49 cents per day, so that's close enough to .50 cents I reckon.

Alright. So the site is definitely crediting .07, but now it's crediting what appears as doubles. I had 10 print sessions for both accounts (one which had two coupons). I was credited a total of 6 on one account which I printed 3 separate sessions and 14 on the other one (the one with the most coupon prints). That said, who knows what is going on. We will see what happens today.

I got 7 cents as well. On FreeUPs site they now have one place that says 25 cents, and one that says 10 cents, but they are actually paying 7 cents. They need to pick one and stick with it and correct the web site anywhere it says something different. Has anyone been able to print all 7 at once and still get proper credit?

Maybe FU got the 7 and 10 backward, no surprise there, and thinks we should print 10 coupons a day at 7 cents each which would equal 70 cents a day. Seriously, though, this lack of will or know-how when it comes to updating its site and keeping its customers informed is worrisome and obviously promotes lack of confidence in the company and its ability to control its destiny.

My yesterday's coupon printing credited 2x7 cents on one account and 4x7 on another. Today I printed 10 coupons individually on both accounts, just in case, but that's a chore now. We'll see what happens.

Ceka said: 2x7 cents on one account and 4x7 on another
did you print those all at once or one at a time?

Yesterday I tried 7 different print sessions( either one or two coupons per session) and got seven credits for .07.

Two on each account, one at a time.

We have 2 lines. I'm pretty sure I printed 7 coupons per line, each coupon in a separate session.

Line 1: credited 7 x .07.
Line 2: credited 12 x .07 (Likely explanation is I miscounted how many coupons I had printed..... it took quite a while, and this was the second line I did.)

As to why one of them received double credits, and the other didn't.....? I expect it's a glitch.

When I looked at the browser version yesterday, I saw 2 options for printing 7 coupons x .10, and another option for printing 6 coupons x .25. Unfortunately, I didn't have time at that point to try the .25 option.....

A big thank-you to Frasier1 for noticing this change so quickly, and letting us know about it!


For those of you that wanted to know if you could print all 7 in one go, my test of printing two, resulted in one credit.

Another thing to consider is to try this in that way, since each coupon can only be printed twice (some just once), and they do not reset on average until the next month. That said, you can run out coupons fast under this new 10 cent process.

tech-stitch said : "since each coupon can only be printed twice (some just once), and they do not reset on average until the next month."
could that be the reason we sometimes don't get credit for a coupon we printed? In other words, will it let you print a coupon you have already printed 2 times, but because you have already printed it 2 times you don't get credit for it?

Seems like a hassle now.
Wait and see

Each coupon will show as grayed out if I recall, so you cant print the same one more than the allotted times. Now, to ensure I receive credit, I never print the same coupon twice under one account. So each account gets to print the same coupon once. Hope that makes sense.

Note we only have two FreeUp accounts, so this works great for that two prints maximum.

For those who say that it's a hassle, now-- I agree that it takes more effort than before, but think about how many CellNUVO ads you need to watch to get 70¢.

If they range from 1 point to 10 points, that's 70 to 700 ads.

7 coupon prints is slightly annoying, but it's a lot better than the CellNUVO alternative.