FreeUp reduces coupons to 10 Cents!

FreeUp now only pays 10 cents per coupon but, they allow you to print up to 7 per day. So it's kind of bad news and good news....

You read my mind :slight_smile: I was about to ask for proof, because I just printed my coupons for 25 cents each.

Maybe we will only get $0.10 for each. When viewing in desktop browser, I also see the old coupons landing page @, but updated info @

I just printed mine for the $0.10 as in the picture.

Pretty common for any GPT stuff, make it easy to earn rewards in the beginning and then require a bit more effort as the user base increases. I did 7 prints so now to wait and see.

Maybe FU will keep current users on the .50 a day plan, and the 7 coupons a day plan will be for new members.:unsure: It's already hard enough to track one's credits, and keeping track of 14 coupon credits a day with FU's wacky accounting may be too much for my feeble math skills. But, who knows, maybe the 7X.10 a day scenario will be more accurate than has been the case so far.:dry: So far I only see the .25 plan in the rewards app on my desktop browser.

My app shows the 7 x .10 but the site is still showing 2 x .25 here.

I did get 4 credits for 5/21 I just discovered though.

Interesting. I still show the old stuff. In fact, I was not able to print my coupons yesterday because clicking on the link from either the app or desktop site resulted in blank page that would not move from there regardless of the time left open. Now the question is whether you can print all 7 in one go or if you have to print them separately (as I do today). I will run a test to see what happens and report. If anyone does find information prior to that, please do share. Thanks!

bad news!

If this 10centsX7 coupons a day plan is put in place, it would be or would have been nice if FU had informed us via text or email with a heads up. They have sent other emails to me about linking my CC,etc., so why not with important changes to rewards and crediting?

I agree with you.

From Google search, here are Billaway rewards programs with printing:

These rewards programs all have a 7 times daily limit, so I wonder if change was made by Billaway without FU involvement.

It would seem that way based on what you shared since they appear to be the program managers and I doubt FreeUp would want to deal with that themselves (there is plenty with managing the business itself).

I will admit that I am not thrilled, but in the same token, at least we still have an easy way to earn rewards that does not take much time.

I'm wondering if billiway's contract with FU will remain the same with the 2 coupons a day at .25 cents each, for I would guess that billaway has contracts with several companies, and it's possible that the terms can differ from company to company, and maybe what is posted on the billaway sight is just the generic offering. @ puppydude said he printed 7 coupons at .10 cents each, so we should know more when he receives credits in a few days, assuming he did not receive such credits already.

Interesting those other sites all have a 7x a day limit - but shows $1.50 vs freeup showing 70 cents

Yeah, what's up with that? Given that I thought the initial .24 cent a day offer wasn't too bad, I guess I shouldn't feel too insulted only getting .70 cents.

Anyone use the Gulf.billaway? If you can get 1.50 per day for printing coupons I would like more info.

Gulf looks like it's the gas company.

I'm fine with whatever terms they want to have, but I would really like to see instant crediting so that I know when a credit has actually gone through properly or not.

If I have to print 7 per day I'm not going to want to print "just in case" coupons, too.

From Gulf oil website they have a link to "Gulf power points" from the top right pull down menu. From there when you sign up or sign in it takes you to the Gulf.billaway site.

Gulf.billiway might be good for some people, but since I live in California, I'd have to drive a few thousand miles to filler up.