FreeUP coupons not crediting

So far only 1 coupon printing credited... been printing 2 coupons daily for a week now.

My last coupon credit was on the 14th. They usually post every 3-4 days so I am expecting more today or tomorrow at the latest.

My other account in the family hasn't received a single credit since activating on the 6th. Coupons or otherwise. No idea why not and support won't respond.

Sounds like their support needs to get their act together like Cellnuvo did

Last credit for me on the 13th.

Support sent me a couple emails about the app not working, but they went silent since Friday. Not going to attempt this discussion yet!

My guess is that they've had a huge, sudden influx and are overwhelmed. I'll be cutting them a lot of slack for the next 3 to 6 months.

But what if the coupons expire in the meantime??? :slight_smile:

Seriously, I agree with your assessment and I feel the same way about giving them lots of leeway. I've been "saving to PDF" or physically printing one or two coupons a day since I started on Dec 6th but have not gotten any 24-cent credits yet. Hopefully FreeUP will be able to get the Rewards bugs worked out sooner than later, but in the meantime I am enjoying the AT&T network using the free plan.

Good news -- This morning I finally got credited for a coupon! Looks like they are working through their technical difficulties, which is a very good sign for the company's longer term prospects.

yes me too. posted in one of the many other freeup threads lol. Got 4 days worth. How about you?

I, too, just saw that I was credited for coupons, after 5 days of waiting. I'm up to $6.72 credits, but I'm sill missing credit for 4 days=$2.12. Off to small claims court. Oh, and I have been getting credit for two coupons a day, so hopefully this only one a day bug others are experiencing will soon be fixed.

Isamorph, glad to hear you're getting 2 credits. Might I ask which method you're using to print 2 coupons?

(Early on, either the app or the browser dash seemed to indicate 2 coupons/day for me, but it was just a glitch of how they're displaying the date, whether processed/credited/etc. The other version did not show the same 2 coupons/day, but 1 coupon each of 2 days.)

I got credit for coupons on both my phones today also.

What I do is print two coupons in one go and then print a second set of two coupons. That way I am covered both ways. Been credited $0.48 consistently per day on account 1. All via the app.

The credit posted for Dec 15, the only one so far. Will be interesting to see if/when the rest of the "laggards" post.

I've been "printing" coupons on my desktop pc. I first log into my FreeUp account, then log into the rewards section and select coupons. Then click on one coupon , select print, wait for ready to print, and select save to my Google drive, after which the "successfully printed" window appears. Then repeat this process one more time. But as I have mentioned, there were four consecutive days where the "successfully printed" window did not appear and I received zero credits for those days. But all seems to work well now.

I got a flurry of backlogged credits this evening, and it appears that I'm now getting credits for 2 coupons/day. (About 5 days worth.) I hope everyone sees similar results soon!

Looks like it, I went from $5.24 to $5.96...72 cents more for a total of 4 coupons... I printed more than 4 coupons in the past week... more like 14... :frowning:

So looks like they gave me a one time $1 compensation to my balance... since then, still earning no credits for either coupon printing or video... :frowning:

Still problems with coupon crediting. My plan just renewed, and I had seven days of non-credited coupons for the month--$3.36 worth. I wonder if screenshots of the non credited printed coupons would convince FreeUp to reward credits for them? I'll be patient, though, since I'm pleased FreeUp raised the bar by allowing credits for 2 coupons a day. Two days before my free plan was to renew, I upgraded to the $10 unlimited t&t + 200mbp plan and only had to pay .86 cents after my $ 9.12 in credits were applied. So I'm in a comfortable holding pattern for now, even though the bugs with coupon crediting and the inconsistent crediting times remain.

I'm still only able to get credit for one per day.

Well, congratulations -- you're a dollar ahead of me. :huh: Since I'm sticking with their basic Free Plan, it's not really an issue for me, and considering how outstanding their phone service and Customer Service reps have been, I'm happy to be patient while they work the kinks out as their company grows and (hopefully) prospers.