I have 1 iPhone 8 and 1 iPhone XS both on iOS 13 I don’t see the apn settings cellular network

It's Settings, then Cellular, then Cellular Data Network on my iPhone XR on iOS 13.

Seems to be carrier dependent---that is, carrier must allow the settings to be visible.

Yes, exactly this. APN settings hidden in AT&T iPhone carrier bundle. In fact, without an official MVNO iPhone carrier bundle, MMS may not work without jailbreaking.

@echance20 Can you send/receive MMS (not to be confused with iMessage)?

I wil soonl try send/receive mms will update result

Somewhere I read that the issued phone number is only valid for 60 days and at that point you have to ask for a new one? Is that true?

Never heard of that. If you were to change or port your number on existing freemii account you will need to replace sim. Sim cost 25.00 to replace and another 20.00 to activate.

I have read all the terms , restrictions and disclosures and have not read anywhere about phone number being valid for 60 days and getting a new number.

It was from a post on Facebook. I just received confirmation that it is NOT the case:

Quote from FreeMii:

"Thanks for reaching out. This is incorrect. All new numbers are by FreeMii supported carriers and are valid for the life of the membership.
If you’ve read this in our site, please let us know where and we’ll update the language."

Thanks for the info. I was wondering if re speeds you meant to say 40 MB's down and 1.5 MBs up, for I think it's usually the case that download speeds are much faster than upload speed, though not always? Anyway, a 1.5 MB download speed doesn't sound impressive.

Are you able to send/receive MMS on your iPhone with FreeMii AT&T SIM?

Great Question. I haven’t yet tried the mms on the iPhone I will update when I I try this soon

Just signed up this morning. Guaranteed delivery date is 9/8. I'll let you know how it works for me when I receive the sim kit.

Update. At this time I’m unable to test the mms or picture mail as my iPhone sends and receive picture mail or mms via iMessage

iMessage is exclusive to iOS devices. If you know someone who doesn't have an iOS device (eg; Android), try sending a photo to them. Or you can temporarily turn OFF iMessage in Settings->Messages. You can also send a photo to a Google Voice#, which should be delivered as MMS.

ETA: Or ask your Android friend to send an MMS to your iPhone.

I just sent a picture from Google Voice to my new FreeMii number and sent a different one back and it worked. Not an iMessage.

Edit: I also sent one to my TextNow number before that, but it took so long to get there I did the above before it showed up.

Has anyone gotten a network other than blue? I asked for red, probably should have asked for pink, but they sent blue. I have a support request in to find out what's up; at least one person on Fecebook seems to have reported the same. I am kind of inclined to run this alongside FreeUp and sell my Tracfone Verizon sim...right now I'm running it with the Tracfone sim instead.

@scriptninja Are you using an iPhone with your FreeMii Blue SIM?

ETA: The MMS issue I am curious about is specific to iPhones and AT&T MVNOs without official iPhone carrier bundles.

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I copied this from freemii website

MMS is definitely included with the FreeMii service. The question I have pertains to whether an iPhone with FreeMii Blue (AT&T) SIM can send/receive MMS. MMS has been an issue with iPhones on certain AT&T MVNOs in the past.

This is a good question that I keep forgetting about, since I don't own an iPhone. Apparently, the provisioning for MMS is controlled by Apple, and frequently denied to providers. I've seen it attributed to additional fees that would have to be paid to Apple, or to a requirement that the provider sells iPhones to customers. (Red Pocket AT&T's introduction of iPhone MMS coincided with when they started selling iPhones.) I don't understand why the issue exists only with AT&T providers.