Saying too good to be true may apply here. $149 one time fee for "lifetime" unlimited talk text and data. My guess is that this operates under some type of pyramid scheme or multi level marketing and this will be viable as long as there is new members coming in to pay for usage of existing members. "Lifetime"is likely tied to life of company, not lifetime of user.

Looks like they have been around for a couple years.

I didn't see anything too unusual in the restrictions/disclosures. Unlimited is defined as 22 GB, which is similar to other unlimited, and may be slowed after that.

At $25/mo, you break even after 6 months...

Some interesting past discussion on reddit. The privacy info is scary.

It sounds if you swap an activated SIM from one phone to another it will technically work but according to their terms and conditions, you are not supposed to do that. That's a dealbreaker for me. I wonder why they insist on that. I also wonder how aggressive they are in enforcing that provision.

After a little searching I can find no info on FreeMii other than a reddit thread: no reviews, no customers, save for a Reddit poster who provided a link to one supposed facebook customer several months ago. I don't have a facebook account to check it out. FreeMii has a Twitter account without any tweets or comments other than by FreeMii. Thus, I don't think I'll try being FreeMii's only customer.


Even without considering the incredibly cheap price promise...
It's bizarre that there are almost no reports about FreeMii over 2 years since the earlier press released I found.

I tried running some IMEIs on their eligibility checker.
Only IMEI will work, not MEID. Phone number and email address are required.
A Sprint Postpaid Tribute HD (CDMA only) passes.
A Boost Mobile Moto E4 (Sprint-network) CDMA locked) passes.
An AT&T Prepaid Maven 3, unlocked, passes (GSM only)
A Blu Advance 4.0 (3G GSM only, factory unlocked) passes.

The FAQ refers to setup for 'switching networks'. ?
Setup directions seem to references only the standard GSM-style APN process, not Sprint-network auto-provisioning
The APN settings give WORLDSIM as the name, and mobiledata as the APN. A google search shows that APN being used by WorldSim, an international data SIM with roaming capabilities.

(EDIT: I only poked a little at the WorldSim site, but did see that AT&T is their default roaming partner in the US. I didn't dig deep enough to see if one could force other options-- but the FreeMii site seems to imply it's possible.)

Live chat

I made up several fake IMEI's including a string of zeros and they all came up as eligible..........

Free mii I now have a Free Mii account.
Pros: unlimited Talk Text Data
Able to move sim phone to phone so far doesn’t seem to be married to a specific phone imei when activating Customer service do reply to support emails in a timely manor This service works great like ATT prepaid cricket or any att mvno After the 179.14 the cost of freemii membership it averages 15.00 per month 1st year.

Con: Upfront costs a lot to signup for this free Lifetime membership Service
Activation is quick on the blue/ATT. Red/Verizon I was told it take up to 72 hours to activate.
No hotspot or tether allowed. There’s no account portal at this time told it was coming in Near future

Over all: To check usage
Data and messages *3282#
Minutes *646#
These codes actually work.
So far it’s an investment as long as freemii is around.
I was told that near future they would come up with data only hotspot membership

There is a $49 annual "membership fee" to pay as well, but that is being waived for "life" for members that sign up now.

From a Facebook post:
FreeMii - Hi, feel free to check out or FreeMii Pre-Launch Deal: $149 membership fee, and the $49 annual membership renewal fee is waived for life! With 100 days money back guarantee!

echance20, you are very brave!
Please keep us posted with your experience.

Is it using the WorldSim APN? If so, could you run some sort of speed test that shows ping time?

Hello KentE:
I am pretty Ballsy for trying this freemii service out. Activated the sim on August 12. So far as I can it it’s pretty good I tried the speed test in my iPhone 8 and up speed is about 40 MB’s up and slow barley 1.5 MB’s down. The calls and text is great I was able to move the sim from iPhone 8 to iPhone XS no problems it works in both devices. The phones display AT&T LTE as if the sim was a AT&T sim.
As far as the apn name and apn network setting goes I don’t know that yet since I can’t see these settings in iPhone 8 or XS.
I will try the sim in my AT&T netgear aircard in a few days and set the apn and network settings. I will update You on here. Oh yea the customer support team are really good at responding to emails in a timely matter. Ordering the sim takes 3-5 days in the mail.

Thanks, echance20!
I believe at this point you are the foremost internet expert on using FreeMii. :slight_smile: (At least in my Google searches.)

Since I'm not an iPhone user, it didn't occur to me that the APN wouldn't be visible. (On my Androids, I can always see at least the name of the APN, although the other fields might not be viewable.)

Those are great data speeds, which makes me doubt that it's actually an international roaming SIM. If it's easily viewable in an iPhone or FreeMii documentation, could you share the first 6 digits of the SIM card #? (The first 6 digits should identify the network provider.. For example, Tracfone and some other AT&T MVNOs use SIM cards starting with 890141.)

As an alternative, you might enter your full ICCID on this site, and see what it says:

It's nice to hear that customer service is responsive.

Hi KentE: I put the sim in my AT&T Netgear aircard And it worked for the data I haven’t tried speed test yet I went into the AT&T WiFi manager and on the apn setting I entered world sim. And broadband I entered mobiledata
The aircard displays AT&T LTE l
The freemii sim starts with 890141

Aren't you violating their terms of service by swapping the SIM into a different phone? I know it is technically working, but this could be grounds for Freemii terminating your membership.

Good question: and I haven't looked through the TOS.
Based on some stuff on their Facebook page, it looks like they offer all 4 carriers (at least 'did', with a Sprint map, too.)
I'm wondering if the prohibition on moving a SIM might have been primarily applicable to Sprint & Verizon. (Although it's possible to SIM swap on Verizon now, as long as they don't object after the fact.)

The ICCID does indicate it's an AT&T SIM card.

KentE,bingyee: it is a violation of TOS switching the sim device to device I did this to test to see if the sim would work on other att or unlock devices I put the sim right back into the device that’s registered in my account ran the data so that their system will see the device imei the sim is intended for.

It's possible to see APN names on an iPhone at Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network.