Freemii issues and updates - currently 1GB / month on pink

I have been on 1gb max data in July and apparently this will continue into August. I jinxed it when I said in June all was well with pink. There is no ETA when things will be back but it bodes ill for the future. Have reached out to David for comment. Here is what support has said but it doesn't really explain anything -

"...our management is working on a permanent replenishment fix. We have no estimate return date for the default 20+ Gb data yet."


"Please note that membership purchases only cover a portion of FreeMii operating costs.

FreeMii pays network providers so that our members can enjoy connectivity at a lesser cost. Unfortunately, we failed to complete the automated monthly renewal for some lines. We restored lines and implemented a temporary fix until we can reset all lines to their regular schedule.

The temporary plans should enable data, talk and text. Data has some restrictions over 1 G for the month, but still allows for high-speed 4G/LTE/5Ge/5G connection."

Is everyone on red and blue still working fine with full capacity? Is red still 5Mbps? Thanks fellow freemiians

I had the exact same issue, with the "BLUE" network. Support replied to my ticket i created on the bot message I sent them. It took them nearly 2 weeks to fix this. My number was disconnected, but they got it back for me. Now my services are now restored. Assuming I have 1 GB data. Will see if I get the normal allowed data back.

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I'm on Red...I'm a fairly light user, but I'm sure I've gone over 1 GB as my phone is the source for music in the car...haven't noticed any issues. Did have a brief interruption a few weeks ago, but that was resolved in a couple of days. Please keep us advised.

Looks like it will be this way for some of us for some time. Frankly I am surprised it went on for as long as it did. Free service with no income what could go wrong. I certainly got a lot out of it.

I think those using a lot of data are the ones impacted. If you don't use much anyway they let your account untouched.

My Red Service is down as of 8/2/22 Tuesday I discovered my Red service is down I Emailed support and Got a Same day reply from Paul. He said That he will forward this to the network provider. As far as excessive data usage i Don't use hardly any. I'll Give this up to Friday 8/12 If not fixed by then I will update on Monday 8/15 Since Freemii offices are closed weekends.

As of right now, I'm still up on Red. Like I said earlier, I did have a brief episode a few weeks ago, but that was resolved in a couple of days. Fingers crossed for you, friend.

My Red service is backup and running now. It was resolved on Weds 8/3/22 with 1 GB data, this month. In the mean time, Support advised me to use WIFI as using data. if I were to go past the 1 GB data This issue could reoccur. Go figure, since we can't view the usages online.

Still no change. 1gb max.

I "bumped up" against the 1 GB and lost service for a couple of days now restored. According to Monika, they expect the situation to be resolved "within the next couple of weeks", so maybe Sept 1?

For now I'm not using the data just occasional call or text to show usage on my 2 lines. Don't need to get suspended again

I still haven't started using my replacement SIM from the fiasco last year yet, because I need to take advantage of the accompanying free device swap, but the device in question is crowdfunded and hasn't been delivered yet. I think I should be in the next batch for my configuration, hopefully, and then I'll want to use it for at least a few days to make sure I don't go "this thing is terrible, I'm gonna have to get a Pixel 6a instead after all" before committing. So hopefully I'll be back to using FreeMii around...uh...mid-September.

Received this today:

FreeMii Blue Network Outage

  • I have a service update for you.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a persistent outage for all Blue Network Members. Our network provider and the carrier are working to restore all lines.

You may contact our support team directly if you'd like but FreeMii has no technical capability to resolve the issue at this time. We are awaiting updates from the carrier to confirm restoration.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and issues this may have caused you.

While we await this outage to be resolved, we are requesting your reply confirming that you've received this notice so that we may proceed to next steps. We will be sending a form directly to track your outage and determine our resolution for you specifically. With the form you will be able to submit complaints, send questions, request network swap, etc.

We will also be providing offers for all those affected to compensate for the service disruption.

  1. Please reply to this email with 'Notice Received' in the body of the email.
  2. Once received in the next email, please complete the service complaint form.
  3. You may notify support once your service has been restored

Again, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. We're do all we can to make it right as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.


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I wonder if I might be able to get them to change my email address on record to one that it is actually possible for me to reply from this time, if I get that. Ain't seed no sich aminal yet.

Recieved this today:

Unfortunately, our Blue network provider has shut down. In an effort to retain your phone number, we immediately ported it to the Pink network. This process generated the automated activation email you received.

We will be shipping out your Pink SIM card soon so you can start using your Pink service as soon as you receive it.
Bryan from FreeMii, Inc

Thanks sblake5 for the latest update I just sent a message
to freemii support on this since my blue line is suspended as well I guess I'll get the same pink sim as well I'll update as soon I get a reply from freemii support

Well pink isn't exactly in a good state either on 1gb a month. Not sure how long this will last.

My Pink sim has shipped and is arriving today.

I've been absent a while from the Nth circle forums and just getting caught up on what I can be expecting on the new network. Any new updates on "data caps"?

Losing Blue is terrible. For me personally it was even more of an insult because I had just spent my $25 getting a new Blue sim so I could activate my new Pixel 6a. 2 weeks without service because no one (including me) thought to reset network settings. So I only got to use Blue 1 week on the new sim before the shutdown. Anyway, that's my sob story. In total I've spent ~$225 for ~2 years of mostly good Blue service. Trying to keep perspective. And I added US Mobile Super LTE to my eSIM as backup (temporary primary?) service.

The last I remember seeing before the 1GB/mo issue referenced in this thread was summarized as follows:

  • Blue had a data cap of around 22GB, and when you hit it, data stopped. I don't remember what had been said about potentially getting data re-enabled if it was just an unusually high-usage month; 500MB is unusually high for me so I didn't pay much attention to that.
  • Pink (and Red) seemed to have a cap around 9GB for most people, and when you hit it, all service stopped until you asked them to turn it back on, although (again, last I heard prior to the 1GB issue) that process was pretty painless. I think I'd seen some mention, either from them or from customers, that they had been working on parity there and some pink or red SIMS had higher initial limits now (around 18GB or so).
  • I think tethering/hotspot is not officially supported on any network, but I thought I remembered seeing where someone had found it was actually restricted on Pink, whereas based on my experience in one emergency, either that was not the case on blue or my device didn't enforce it.
  • I also think I remember seeing that people on Pink were getting 5G service whereas it was confirmed that Blue, and I think Red, only got 4G

I was going to do the same thing, but US Mobile's eSIM isn't supported on the Pix3. I do have the WalMart FreedomPop GSMT on a s10e, though. Hoping for resolution of the 1GB issue, but preparing for the worst, just in case.

I have had the same blue sim in 4 different devices without buying a new sim. A Samsung SM-T515 Tablet, a TLC T790S, an iPhone 7 plus and an iPhone 12. Maybe just lucky(?) or maybe they don't really check it that closely. My pink sim has been mailed and I am waiting for it to arrive.