Freemii issues and updates - currently 1GB / month on pink

I have been on 1gb max data in July and apparently this will continue into August. I jinxed it when I said in June all was well with pink. There is no ETA when things will be back but it bodes ill for the future. Have reached out to David for comment. Here is what support has said but it doesn't really explain anything -

"...our management is working on a permanent replenishment fix. We have no estimate return date for the default 20+ Gb data yet."


"Please note that membership purchases only cover a portion of FreeMii operating costs.

FreeMii pays network providers so that our members can enjoy connectivity at a lesser cost. Unfortunately, we failed to complete the automated monthly renewal for some lines. We restored lines and implemented a temporary fix until we can reset all lines to their regular schedule.

The temporary plans should enable data, talk and text. Data has some restrictions over 1 G for the month, but still allows for high-speed 4G/LTE/5Ge/5G connection."

Is everyone on red and blue still working fine with full capacity? Is red still 5Mbps? Thanks fellow freemiians

I had the exact same issue, with the "BLUE" network. Support replied to my ticket i created on the bot message I sent them. It took them nearly 2 weeks to fix this. My number was disconnected, but they got it back for me. Now my services are now restored. Assuming I have 1 GB data. Will see if I get the normal allowed data back.

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I'm on Red...I'm a fairly light user, but I'm sure I've gone over 1 GB as my phone is the source for music in the car...haven't noticed any issues. Did have a brief interruption a few weeks ago, but that was resolved in a couple of days. Please keep us advised.

Looks like it will be this way for some of us for some time. Frankly I am surprised it went on for as long as it did. Free service with no income what could go wrong. I certainly got a lot out of it.

I think those using a lot of data are the ones impacted. If you don't use much anyway they let your account untouched.

My Red Service is down as of 8/2/22 Tuesday I discovered my Red service is down I Emailed support and Got a Same day reply from Paul. He said That he will forward this to the network provider. As far as excessive data usage i Don't use hardly any. I'll Give this up to Friday 8/12 If not fixed by then I will update on Monday 8/15 Since Freemii offices are closed weekends.

As of right now, I'm still up on Red. Like I said earlier, I did have a brief episode a few weeks ago, but that was resolved in a couple of days. Fingers crossed for you, friend.

My Red service is backup and running now. It was resolved on Weds 8/3/22 with 1 GB data, this month. In the mean time, Support advised me to use WIFI as using data. if I were to go past the 1 GB data This issue could reoccur. Go figure, since we can't view the usages online.

Still no change. 1gb max.