FreedomPop Free Monthly plan back at Target

Don't know why you find it so difficult. Renewal is available after the end of the expiration date.
Other than getting the "blocked" message on one of my accounts the only annoyance has been the ads but those only take less than a minute. At least, that has been my experience.

Given that it apparently worked well enough under Bluestacks that the part where it goes to a webview didn't seem to be the same thing as "opening Chrome for some reason," I'm guessing either tightened-down privacy controls or a partial incompatibility of the app with some Android/webview version combinations.

My personal mild frustration with it is that there's a point in the process where I need to toggle back and forth with another app that's behind a fingerprint lock to do some copy and paste (well, that or type in things by hand that I don't wanna), and the renewal process resets fast enough that in order for that to work I basically have to use split-screen, and at least once now I have wrestled with it for two or three attempts before remembering that was the solution...

July 4th is only four weeks away:

Just a FYI, Today I was able to renew my FreedomPop GSMT 300, 1000,200 in the app without contacting CS. It said the line had expired but allowed me to re-activate it once I watched an add and re-linked my CC that has a zero balance.

Did you try the FP website before doing it via the app?

Yes I did. I couldn't get it to work on the website, but it did work on the app.


Just renewed. No issues. GSMA 100/100/100.