FreedomPop Free Monthly plan back at Target

the freedomPop Free Plan 100/100/100 is back at Target. Sim cost 5 bucks. Get it while you can for all those "back-up, glovebox, young child phones you have" These are GSM t-mobile network sims.

I always see a couple of them at the Target we go to. I didn't think they ever went out of stock. But they are GSMA (ATT) sims not GSM (T MO) sims. You have them confused with the out of stock Walmart plan.

I think you're confusing plans / stores. The 100/100/100 plan at Target is AT&T, and has been regularly available since it was widely released in around June, 2023.

I realize this might have been hard to see, since it was added to the old FP Walmart T-Mobile exclusive 300/1000/100 free plan thread, but if you want more info about this newer FP Target exclusive AT&T 100/100/100 free plan, start reading at What is this Freedompop item Walmart is Selling? - #209 by JVV.

If anyone has the inkling, maybe it would be good to split that thread, starting with the link I provided, to more clearly separate the Walmart vs Target plans?

Agree with boz, would be nice to separate out the Target plan from the Walmart plan thread.

In any case here is link to hofo thread re the Target plan

Looks like Walmart is in on the action, at least online.

Not in stock at any stores
at least for me I can't add to cart for online ordering although it doesn't show out of stock like the original $10 300/1000/300 SIM.

Guess I'll check back in a few days.