FreedomPop Free Monthly plan back at Target

the freedomPop Free Plan 100/100/100 is back at Target. Sim cost 5 bucks. Get it while you can for all those "back-up, glovebox, young child phones you have" These are GSM t-mobile network sims.

I always see a couple of them at the Target we go to. I didn't think they ever went out of stock. But they are GSMA (ATT) sims not GSM (T MO) sims. You have them confused with the out of stock Walmart plan.

I think you're confusing plans / stores. The 100/100/100 plan at Target is AT&T, and has been regularly available since it was widely released in around June, 2023.

I realize this might have been hard to see, since it was added to the old FP Walmart T-Mobile exclusive 300/1000/100 free plan thread, but if you want more info about this newer FP Target exclusive AT&T 100/100/100 free plan, start reading at What is this Freedompop item Walmart is Selling? - #209 by JVV.

If anyone has the inkling, maybe it would be good to split that thread, starting with the link I provided, to more clearly separate the Walmart vs Target plans?

Agree with boz, would be nice to separate out the Target plan from the Walmart plan thread.

In any case here is link to hofo thread re the Target plan

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Looks like Walmart is in on the action, at least online.

Not in stock at any stores
at least for me I can't add to cart for online ordering although it doesn't show out of stock like the original $10 300/1000/300 SIM.

Guess I'll check back in a few days.

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I had the FP GSMT & missed poking it so it died...

Looking around I found:
FreedomPop Starter SIM Kit: 100% FREE Wireless Service

https:// FreedomPop Starter SIM Kit: 100% FREE Wireless Service -
$4.88/ea & Not returnable

FreedomPop SIM Kit: 100% Free Wireless Service

$4.99 & only ships with orders over $35

Since we get engine oil at wally's it is easy to make the $35 minimum.
(And...if I get stuck with a $5 SIM kit it wouldn't be the 1st time !!)

Just FYI

If the same as the Target kit I believe that it is AT&T (GSMA) SIM not T-mobile (GSMT).

GSMT 300 min/1000 text/100mb that I manage had been auto renewing every month just peachy for quite a while but FP changed something and have had to manually renew the payment on the line the past two months. In true FP fashion, no warning that line was shut off but since the line is used somewhat regularly it was caught the week the line was suspended. Maybe that is why your GSMT line died?

Likely, you may experience the same with this GSMA line needing monthly attention.


Thanks for your reply Redrotors !!
Hoping that it is indeed GSMA & if it can be kept alive we may be able to avoid renewing the redpocket service this time...

This is a $5 experiment for me & if it succeeds could be helpful at avoiding some higher spending - if not then it is merely that $5 & some time lost

I've got a free FP line for my small GSMA uses & if this turns out well it can be for my partner's backup phone.
Her 'main' line is with US Mobile & generally works quite well with a poor service day just once in a while.

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Good luck.

Shame to lose a 300/1000/100 line though.
I'm sure someone here would have been happy to take it over from you if you no longer had much interest in maintaining it.

I know you are aware of FP history but I'll mention as a reminder and warning to others, you'd be well advised to use a virtual credit card as form of payment on file, one with a very low limit, to limit the liability if FP gets to feeling feisty at some point again.

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Thanks Again Redrotors !!
As it happened it was when I picked it up to use it that I discovered that line had already been deleted without any notice, sadly.

Yes - FP's antics have truly been an education over the years with the biggest lesson being to NEVER trust that provider.

I'm actually not sure if there's a way for "autopayment" of $0 every month to be set up on FreedomPop anymore.

As an aside, one of my free GSMT lines is operated and accessed through the Redpocket portal, not FreedomPop. This had to do with a quirk where I once had the number on an annual $30 Redpocket-CDMS subscription. I ported out the number to Xfinity for several months before trying to port "back" to Freedompop. However, the number was still in the RedPocket side of their house and I had to go through a complicated process to "reactivate" the line under the RedPocket banner. Once that got done, I still got the same benefits as a standard FreedomPop free GSMT line. Anyway, I'm experiencing no problems with autopaying $0/month on my RedPocket free GSMT line.

Recent problems on FP website the past few days resolved yesterday. Some posts about it on the HF thread I linked to above.

Today I got this email from FP. Implies that maybe renewing via customer ui on web browser may become unavailable??

It appears that renewing via customer ui on the web browser has already been made unavailable.

On mine, it seems auto renewable has been turned off. I had to update my cc# to get the current month, then it seems I have to go back to the web site to renew after the month ends. I entered a different cc# and it seems to stick now.

Auto renewal that had been working fine for a long time has been off for many (most?) for ~ the past 2 months. Many reports on HF threads.

I still see the ability to renew GSMT plan on webpage UI. We'll see in ~ a week.

I installed their app as per the email & see that it has really been improved since the last time I checked it out.
(Too bad they don't send reminder emails to poke users to renew...)

On my webpage accounts, the CC info is gone and there is no way to re activate it. Also, 'make a payment' is grayed out.

Hmm...I've got one "Wal-Mart" line. My "recurring" payment still seems to be active on the site.