FreedomPop Free Monthly plan back at Target

This reminds me of the movie Matrix 4. Is Freedompop making it more stressful for subscribers for a reason? LOL

After reading your comment Redrotors, I decided to try an experiment by deliberately maxing out the data on one of the GSMA plans I manage. Like you, the CC I have on file with them is severely limited (a Visa Gift card with $2.11 left on it in my case).

So, on Sunday morning I quicky blew through 100mb of data..........and nothing happened. My account was still active, and I was able to make phone calls and texts over the following days.

My guess is that FreedomPop probably did try to put through a $10 upgrade charge but couldn't because of insufficient funds on my CC. If this is true, what surprises me is that they then took no further action and simply let my account be.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my renewal date and I was able to renew with no problems and I'm now back to 100/100/100. I even used the same CC that was previously on file.

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In my data point with FP GSMT 300/1000/100 free plan I'm pretty sure that no attempt to charge the CC to add data or a plan was done. I'm using a privacy .com virtual CC which shows declined charges. I'm sure it's not a perfect system but I have seen attempts/declines on other privacy cards in the past.

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When attempting to renew this morning, I got an error message that says:
"Error! Free plan renewals are blocked #6085e81b2f46530e" Could this be the end?

100/100/100 or 300/1000/100?
You are not alone. Line I manage will be up in a day.
You probably can fix it via chat or calling FP.
Several posts re this on HoFo.

Check posts ~ past week

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Nah. I'm done with it.

Saw a post about free plan unable to be renewed. Just checked my account and my account was suspended. It's too early, so CS is closed. I sent them an email. Boo!

With the end of the ACP program, it really makes no sense for FreedomPop to continue the free plans. There's nothing in it for them.

Did you actually try live CS?
I found them available at 9am Eastern time even though posted hours are listed differently in some places in their website.

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Yes, tried live CS. I did send them an email already. Trying again... yep, got live CS this time.

CS tells me I can only renew on the app.
Had to download the app. Watched a few forced ads with non-responsive Skip button.
Still said renewals blocked.
CS had to un-suspend my account.
I was able to renew on the web site.

If you renewed on website then I'll assume you are dealing with a GSMT 300/1000/100 plan?

I haven't dealt with suspended status line.

From what I can gather getting the "blocked" popup when adding billing information can be fixed by chat/phone support rather quickly (they can manually refresh the line) but ONLY after line status goes from active (even if on "day 0"/renewal day) to inactive.
For instance today your line is active but renews in 0 days, you will get the blocked message when updating billing information but CS won't manually renew it until after it shows inactive.
This is similar to behavior before the current blocked hurdle where even if you proactively added back your billing information while line active on day 0 to renewal, FP would lose your CC and make you add it again when the line goes inactive after midnight (Pacific?).

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Just bought a few more: (combined with my regular Target order, thus giving me free shipping).
BTW, all is well with the four FP GSMA accounts I currently manage, having checked a short time ago.

IMO FP has always been a wild rollercoaster ride, but these days...
Looks like it has too much in common with Russian Roulette !!!

My position remains the same=>
IF/when it finally may end up with the GSMA freebie going 100% FUBAR, that SIM will be removed & forgotten.

For anyone who may not have noticed - they're trying to coerce free users into their $10/month deal, but...
Rather than doing that, it is possible to simply ditch fp & get straight up Redpocket for the same amount, or less if desired.

Of course it will not surprise me if some day trying to visit the fp site just redirects to A 'Welcome to Redpocket !' page instead.

Late last month I renewed one of the 4 FP GSMA accounts I manage (under the new rules) and it went reasonably well.

Today I renewed the second account I manage with no problems (did it on Chromebook this time). Over the next 2 wks I'll be renewing two more accounts. We'll see.

And so, let the games continue!....


Too funny=>
It is on sale at target for just $1 right now - wonder why ?!?

Shot in the dark... If it's still the same one from SeanW's last post, could be they're trying to get rid of the stock that mentions the ACP on the packaging instead of having to trash it?

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Yesterday, I deliberately maxed out the data (100MBs) on another one of the FP free GSMA plans I manage, and again nothing happened. No forced upgrade (of course they couldn't because my card on flile is a Visa prepaid gift card with a little over $2 on it)
But again to my surprise, this account is now still active and in good standing with no negative action taken by FP.

I use a pre paid Visa gift card with 0 balance. Has never caused a problem.

I just completed a chat with FreedomPop in order to have them manually renew my free GSMT plan. I had to do that because when I went through the app and my laptop, I got the message "Free plan renewals are blocked #734dbd871983ecc4."

After manual renewal, the chat agent told me "...If the issue recurs on your next renewal date, can you please let us know so we can escalate the issue for further assistance."

I also asked the agent why auto-renew was not available anymore. I got this reply: "I regret to inform you the auto-renewal is no longer applicable for our free plan users."

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Sounds like a cut and paste of the interaction I had with them.