Email from CellNuvo

SUBJECT/HEADING: Major announcement that you are gonna love!
Dear Customer:

Before we talk about our major announcement, as it is the day before Thanksgiving - we wanted to give a BIG 'Thank You' to you, our amazing customers. We offer our most sincere thank you for your loyalty, understanding and patience as we have made this transition. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster for some of you, but we believe that with this announcement that is past us.

As some of you may know, almost all of the issues any of you have experienced have been phone service related. Much of this stems from our original carrier partner going out of business, and the new carrier partner having to take over almost overnight with zero advance warning, which was certainly a challenge for everyone.

After we hired more support staff and launched a new ticketing system, it has become clear that almost all of our support issues are still phone service/network related - as we are not the carrier, this is the very part we have the least control over. This is unacceptable to us, we will never accept anything but the best for our customers.

So how do we solve this? We will do what we do best.

You can choose any plan on any major network in the country and use your Gold to pay for it.

We want you to have the best, and we want you to get it for free by using our new CellNUVO app.

The updated CellNUVO app will be available in the Google play store by the end of this week - many of you will get this update automatically, but all of you can go to the Google play search for CellNUVO and download the update without having to wait.

Paying your bill with Silver and Gold couldn't be easier. Once you update the app, tap settings then store, within the store select your carrier, then enter your account number and the amount you wish to pay. That's it - we take it from there.

That's not all though, since the new technology we have developed allows us to do a lot more for you.

So you can pay your cell phone bill, that's cool, but how about being able to pay any bill, Netflix, cable bill, car any bill you want?

That is pretty spectacular, but what if you could use your Gold to get almost anything you want...

Just last week we received final approval to integrate with Amazon. Yeah, that Amazon. You can send your Gold to your Amazon account - 1 Gold is good for a dollar on Amazon and you can then buy almost anything you want.

This is in Beta right now.

We are also bringing back our referral program. You will get a 10% bonus of whatever your friends earn each month. The best part is that your friends don't even need to change their cell plans, they can just download the CellNUVO app, enter your referral code, then use their Gold to pay for their existing plan.

You of course can keep your cell service with Red Pocket and the Infinite Plan. As they appear to have early expiration issues with some of the top-ups we strongly suggest checking out their low-cost monthly plans as they do not have top-ups and will automatically renew - Red Pocket Mobile - THE RED POCKET UNLIMITED PLANS.

If you have a question about their plans, or choosing a new plan, or anything related to your phone, plan or service, you can contact their support team here

From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, as we certainly give thanks to you, our most awesome customers.

We are super excited that we will continue providing you free cellular service for years to come.

-The CellNUVO Team

Was this just emailed to ceka?

I just received the above message (that @ceka received) in the Atlassian ticket system. Just before I received that message, I sent an inquiry via the ticket system about all 3 CellNuvo phones now released from RedPocket & activatable immediately on Tello & Ting.

So now, I asked via the ticket system 1) whether we should just wait until Friday to download updated app, 2) how do we connect the app to our own carrier / plan, and 3) if the answer is referral code, where do we obtain the referral code.

The email came from support in response to my open tickets on couple of my lines, ...after weeks of silence.

None of my multiple accounts received this email.

All my service tickets have been waiting on support and or escalated waiting on support for weeks.

No soup for you :slight_smile:

Me either maybe it s coming?

I just checked?

Ty for posting

So with Amazon. We would not need a cellnuvo phone for gold program?

I guess I will have to see if the FCC serves soup.

I am so fed up with this damn company screwing up our phones, not delivering service that has been paid for and stealing our numbers, then never following up with communication.

Idiots, liars and theives.

I got the email. It is good they have a timeline for this. End of the week sounds good. We all could do with moving on from this mess.

Well this email will be easy to prove or disprove by end of the week. Either new update in Google play store or not

I get your frustration though

I'm looking at it as a social experiment - more with amusement than anger at this point. I'm letting three of my lines go dead/expired/closed, and the forth one, with a number that I care about, I pay RP with my cash money.

How, exactly, are you supposed to send gold to your Amazon account? Do you give the account numbers for your assorted services to CN and rely on them to convert your gold to cash and then apply it to the account(s) provided?

I would rather earn bitcoins than CN gold. :wink:

I guess we will find out how it will work by the end of the week.

Soon :slight_smile:

CellNUVO Alchemy ?

I have not received such an email.

Jokes aside we Should give cellnuvo till Friday.