Earning CellNUVO Points

Roaming rates:

SMS: 1 credit
Minute: 20 credits
MB: 60 credits

Cellnuvo roams on Verizon and any other CDMA regional carriers that Sprint has roaming agreements with. SignalCheck app indicates the carrier. My phone usually roams on C Spire.

Text is a great price and talk isn't that bad. But $240/GB is a bit rich, for my blood.

Thanks Ente, I think the roaming with text and miutes would work well for me, data in emergency only.

So this happened.

(Pretty good day for ads!)

You are on Airplane mode? Do you turn off data when at home?

I hate to burn credits to make credits so I use WiFi!

I turn data off too.

How many of you got this Pollfish question?

(It came after the one asking if I'd played with Barbie dolls, as a kid.)

My Coast Guard friend, Lindsey Arcangel, is back! I've missed his 15 credit gifts!! He just helped push me over the 30K threshold. Thanks Lindsey! :woohoo:

LOL... Did you answer that you liked to pop the heads of barbies?!? What a funny question! What are they profiling us for? LOL!

Oh and then all the pi questions! It was a weird survey!

I'm a math nerd, so I breezed through all the Pi questions.

Did you get the Barbie questions, too?

I got the pollfish survey about Barbie, pi, smoking, and security on both of my phones. I also saw the Kelloggs Vector ad for the first time this morning. The ads seem to be coming in at much faster rate than they have been in the last few days.

I didn't get any of those surveys.

New ad is a nice change of pace.

Finally some new ads!!!

Is anyone using the new app yet??

Not that I know of - I am supposed to get it in the next day or two though according to Tom.

that mobile survey with 117 points of credit in tapjoy is simply a scam. i took three surveys with it but no credit was given. fool me three times, i hate you!!!

My account renewed this evening. Total credits remained. Credits earned and used reset to 0.

I've earned my 1 credit for the billing period! :slight_smile:

Did you get any referral credits upon renewal?