Earning CellNUVO Points

Thread for discussing CellNuvo app, ads, and earning points

Here's a new thread for those compulsively swiping Nuvo-ers!

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Btw, I don't have a CellNuvo account, so I'm just guessing that swiping is a thing. :wink:

It's what all the cool kids are doing.

So the swiping thing has many bugs in it

I we thought looking at R+ website all the time for flash promos was a lot of work lol.

Careful what you wish for:sick: :sick: :sick:

Has anyone had tethering turned on by Cellnuvo customer service? I thought I had read somewhere it was just a matter of contacting support to have this feature turned on, but maybe that was incorrect info.

(Since there is no thread for general questions to the community I posted my question here).

Dried up for me today. Had a few Kiip this morning. No longer ads. I'm missing my two coast guard friends! They are like family now! :slight_smile:

I asked for tethering via email and Tom turned it on but it isn't working. Support is working on it. It has been a couple of weeks now.

Tom and Support both said it is a Cellnuvo issue for ALL of us.

They are working on it and will have it on "soon"

"Soon" has been weeks. So it looks like a hard job. For me tethering is very important to have.

Thanks mm and lexus, that makes sense then as I was told to check the website for tethering updates coming "soon".

I was swiping this morning for 30 mins or so, got kip rewards and the vid clips were pretty steady too. Picked up 200+ credits, even did a short 3 question quiz for 65 credits (I believe that was the number).

Yesterday there was a 10 credit 30 sec vid clip at the top of the ads, so of course I selected it and snagged the 10 easy credits.

It's going to be the new carpal tunnel syndrome, index finger style!

God bless you guys for being willing tether away all that hard work. Wow!

I don't plan to use any credits for data-- it's not an efficient use for them.

Talk and text, baby. That's where it's at.

Free is free to me so I don't mind what I use it for. Plenty more credits in the sea! Roaming/tethering/ data/talking etc etc - whatever I need I will use. I've used 563 credits so far. Seems to be working out :stuck_out_tongue: .

mmfacemm, Just found this new thread, hope everyone is getting credits. Did you request roaming and is it for data and talk. I assume it roams to verizon? I can shut off the vibrate but it shuts it off for all notifications. Ads have been continuous since last night, so if everyone hasn't been getting enough ads it definately has to do with location.

Yes I've been getting lots of ads today. It has slowed down about 10 minutes ago as I guess people are getting back to swiping. I like to think I am catching you up but I bet you are getting further and further away! Do let us know when you hit 100k earned! Do you have any referrals? I have some so I might get a boost next week.

It must be the combination of my phone and cellnuvo then with the vibrate because I cannot get the vibrate to turn off no matter what I do. I'm rooted too and none of apps work that are suppose to turn it off. Notifications are off. When it goes to battery saver the vibrate stops so it can be done. I'm getting a new to me phone soon so maybe I can turn it off with that one.

I did request roaming and it is supposed to be on but I haven't been in a roaming area yet. No idea if it is just talk and text or if it is data. Roaming info is a bit scarce. Maybe I'll post it in the question thread. I assume roaming is on verizon but no idea.

I traveled to South Florida, today, and I'm still dry, here.

mmfacemm, My phone has separate settings for vibrate, so I can just set the intensity for notifications an not affect call etc. Once you get roaming there is an app that will allow you to force roam if you are rooted, been a while since I've done that so things have probably changed, but roaming really came in handy at times so I'm going to ask for it. If you add the three phones I have together I'm at about 150k.

What app is that for the force roaming? I see lots to stop roaming only

All my vibration intensity settings are set to 0. The app itself has access to vibration so must be able to force vibrate independently. The phone I'm getting is a samsung so it should behave more like yours.

I believe it was called roam control, but I used it quit a while back when I was on Sprint. My main line is on Ting and they roam to Verizon. Thinking about porting that number to google an using CellNuvo only. If your rooted there are several tethering apps. I'm really satisfied with CellNuvo, wouldn't mind paying some type of small fee to keep them in operation.

Hard app to track down but it doesn't work on my phone anyway!