Customer Service?

I wish CellNUVO can offer better customer service than what they are offering right now.

-Emails usually takes 2 days for them to reply.

-Can't talk to anyone by phone.

-Online chat is perpetually showing "We're not around, but we'd love to chat another time."

I wish we can do some simple self service things online like switching devices, change account info, and set features instead of having to go through a live representative.

Email if you have an urgent issue that is not being addressed timely. He is usually good at getting things fixed.

Right now they are in the middle of some time consuming projects such as an iphone app and developing their online store. From discussions here we know that online self service things are definitely on the agenda and will come sometime. No idea when.

They are not a big company as far as I am aware and they had a larger than normal influx of customers from R+ which was difficult to cope with. I imagine customer service improvements are on the agenda as well once they catch up with everything.

But yes we'd all like to see those things you mention. We just have to be patient for them unfortunately.

Personally I can put up with some of the shortcomings as I am confident they will upgrade things eventually. The service works fine once you are up and running.

Customer services are very good. I am very satisfied so far. Better than att paid service.

Tom has been nothing but kind and helpful thru email. As mmmface said. Give tom a email. If it is urgent. Put it I the subject line.

Tom has been very helpful with issues and things like turning on roaming and tethering

Looking for advice from the community or Tom's help on this one. I have a CellNuvo account that I would like to port in a number from Ting (on Sprint network) and replace the number on the device on the CellNuvo account. By port in, I mean I would like to take my number from Ting and close my Ting account and replace the current number on my Cellnuvo Account. I do not want to keep / swap the existing number on my CellNuvo account. Ting indicated they never received a port in request and CellNuvo indicated Sprint said the number swap (which I think is part of the problem - I don't want to swap numbers) was not allowed. I created this CellNuvo account just to build up silver before I was ready to switch and this was before the Trial was working properly. I've tried to explain this to support and asked for scenarios or alternatives how I can achieve this objective and I just get the response "Sorry, Sprint is not allowing it". I've asked if I create a new account and request a port in as part of the new account setup, is there anyway to transfer the silver from the existing account and close it but this specific question was completely ignored in the email. If there was anyway to communicate real time via chat or phone, I think this could be cleared up in a matter of minutes. I've contacted Tom and he said he would look into it, but just got the same response from support. Any help would be appreciated.

Strange. You basically are requesting a number change on your Cellnuvo account - to a ported one.
It's hard for me to imagine this is not allowed (?)
I hope this is just a miscommunication... I would just keep trying to contact Tom/support with a better explanation.
Keep us posted.

Just tell Cellnuvo you want to port in. You may be confusing them with what you are saying about swaps etc. You just want to port in period. What you want to do is a standard port in. Get the account number and Pin from ting to initiate it with cellnuvo. All you should be telling cellnuvo is that you want to port in and here is the account number and PIN. They may ask from what provider and you would tell them ting but other than that they don't need you to say anything else.

If it is a sprint issue then how about getting a ting GSM sim and swapping your number to the GSM sim. Your account should remain the same. Then port from Ting GSM to cellnuvo.

Thanks you! That is exactly what I requested - port in from Ting, I never mentioned a swap. I provided the Ting port out information. The response I got from them was Sprint did not approve the swap. I tried to clarify this in my response to them, but they seemed to completely ignore it. I'm simply trying to port in into an established CellNuvo account versus a brand new CellNuvo account (so I can retain my Silver balance)

That is odd. If it really is a sprint issue then swapping the number to a ting gsm sim and then porting out would probably solve your problem. Or you could wait and see what cellnuvo come up with.

Perhaps I misunderstand what is happening.

Is your account at CellNUVO still classified as a trial account?

If so, that may indeed be the problem and a status change might be needed before a port can occur.

Thanks for reviewing this! It is an active account and has a phone number assigned by CellNuvo when the account was created. I set this up before the Trial feature was available. I want to port in a Ting account to this active CellNuvo account. I inquired with Ting and they never received a port out request from CellNuvo. I'm open to setting up a new account and request a port in as part of the account setup, but support won't answer my question as to if that will solve the problem or if they would be willing to close my active account and move the silver over to the new account.

How much silver do you have? Is it worth the trouble? I imagine so.

I'm sure Tom will make you whole if they cannot sort it out.

It probably is better not to open another account since the situation is already confused as is.

My hunch is as ceka has suggested confusion in communication has somehow arisen.

One thing you might consider is asking a third party whom you trust to review your request and CellNUVO's response to see if someone who has not been involved in the matter can spot where there may be a misunderstanding. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a fresh set of eyes look at an exchange of correspondence. There is no guarantee that will solve it but it is a fairly easy option and would at least rule out a likely cause of the difficulty.

Alternatively, members here who have had successful experience in porting from Ting to CellNUVO might be able to post (with any personally identifiable information being redacted) or share with you via PM the exact phrasing used in making the request to CellNUVO. You could then review that and see if a reformulated request with that language would help break the logjam.

Thanks Oldbooks, I've successfully ported 2 lines already to Cellnuvo a few months ago. My communication was pretty clear and concise. I sent an email to support saying I would like to port a number over from Ting, they replied with the information needed and I answered that (i.e. account, pin, number, address), etc. After hearing nothing for 3 business days I contacted support and then contacted Tom and finally heard back that Sprint declined it. That is when I sent a detailed email with several questions asking how to complete the desired objective, but received a second response saying Sorry, Sprint declined it and no specific answers to any of the questions. I have loved CellNuvo so far, but very disappointed at the moment.

Thanks, this is very helpful.

If I were you at this stage since it appears that Sprint is the problem, I would do one of two things:

  1. file an FCC complaint. That will either force Sprint to authorize the port so CellNUVO can process it or explain the legal basis on which permission is being denied. The process is very simple and informal and can be done on the FCC website.

  2. file a Notice of Dispute with Sprint That is a formal process that parachutes the issue to the Legal Department where there are people who can resolve any issue at Sprint's end or provide a reason why the port will not be authorized.

The first method should produce a response more rapidly.


Just for reference, I just ported a number from Tello to my existing CellNUVO account (also Sprint to Sprint) in the past week or so, and it all went smoothly.

Just for the sake of completeness, there is another workaround that people sometimes use and that is to port to Google Voice. That allows one to have a number that is "safe", at least relative to some MVNOs , which then can be forwarded to the actual number on the existing account. Of course from Google Voice the number could also then be ported into the MVNO if one wished.

On RingPlus some members did this to resolve ports that were not working. Others preferred the "safety" aspect of the approach.

It does cost $20 and really only makes sense if the number is "important." For such cases, it can be worth considering. It does increase latency on calls.

Best of luck getting this situation resolved!

Actually it happened to me too. When I was trying to port my T-Mobile # to CellNNUVO I was told by CellNUVO that their MDN and the T-Mobile MDN are NOT in the same CSA so I can't port in to replace my existing CellNUVO #. So I transferred the T-Mobile # to Ting and then tried to port from Ting to CellNUVO. But I was told by CellNUVO again that same # at Ting are NOT in the same CSA so I can't port in. After going back and forth with CellNUVO I finally gave up and just ported in my old # by creating a new account and started earning silvers from scratch.

So I also wish they would allow silvers to be transferred.

Did you ask Tom about this? - he may be open to it since the problem was a technicality.

Yes, I addressed it to Tom and he was also Cc:ed on other email correspondences but he did not step in to solve the issues. To be fair though, after I created the new account I did not ask Tom to transfer the silvers to the new account. I just assumed they wouldn't do it.