Current terms of FreeUP?

Hello Folks.
Please pardon me if I'm asking dumb or redundant questions here ?!?

In about a month I will need to choose & activate a GSM/AT&T provider & that is the basis of my query here today.

I tried to navigate their site, but it is so overloaded and/or slow that I finally just gave up after waiting for it to load over & over.

Reading the various threads (especially the 'updated' one...) my impression is that it is still possible to get their SIM, use it in an unlocked GSM phone & get 'free' services at their lowest level via their affiliation with AT&T - is that all correct ??

Other things I'm hoping someone will answer, please...?

  • Is FU a VOIP based service like FP always was ??
  • Do they have a usable wifi based portion similarly to TextNow, such that it may be a good option to use when at home ??

Thanks for putting up with my dumb-ness here !!

Hello, FreeUp uses native ATT voice service.
You'll get no data with the free service but you'll get 250 minutes / texts in any combination adding up to 250.
I use my own WIFI at home and local free hotspots (cafe's, stores, etc) for data.
Each month you need to renew your free plan, it's a simple click of the mouse.

I believe you should have no problem getting a FreeUp sim card online. I don't know what the cost is presently.

Mostly everything with FreeUp is self service, but good news.. The on-line account information is very good and easy to use.

It is real cell service, not VOIP. Coverage in my area is WAY better that Sprint. I just use my Google Voice account to forward calls to it and when on WiFi I send and receive calls on the Google Voice app to not use up my free minutes. You do have to have FreeUp disable voicemail on it so that Google Voice's voicemail works properly.

Just checked and the site loads ok now.

Fantastically helpful replies Folks - sincerest thanks !!!

We have exactly zero Sprint or TMobile here in Vermont - making those total non-options.

That FU is -NOT- hokey VOIP like FP was is great info & that it gets along with wifi is also very good for me.
The 250/all allotment is no problem either as I can easily keep my usage low since I seldom run out of coverage with my Twigby phone.
(Likewise their monthly renewal thing should be OK with me, particularly if they send reminders at all ??)
Self-service is great when it is done right - after using the long-dead RP via CDMA this is bound to be better just because it is GSM.

RoadRanger - thanks very much for the VM tip - and I do use GV at any opportunity anyhow so I'll just have to figure out how I'll go about combining it if/when I get into FU.

My only remaining thoughts now are to pin down the cost to get their SIM & whether I can simply switch SIMs as desired with my single GSM phone -IF- there may be any need to do so ??

Thanks Again Folks !!

The FreeUP site does tend to go away at times-- but never for too long. I usually use Firefox browser, and sometimes I can only access my account via Chrome. (And a few times the logout function has been broken for a week or more-- it's broken today on Firefox.)

A SIM card looks like it's $10 now directly from FU (free with a paid plan), but I did notice that the SIMs are available from one seller on Ebay at $7. Also on Amazon for $6 after a 25% discount coupon. (Free shipping with Prime or $25 order.)

The WiFi calling app mentioned in the FAQ is not available to those on the free plan.
Service has been rock solid for me.

(EDIT TO ADD: FreeUP asks for the IMEI you're using when you set up the account. You can SIM-swap to a different device-- I noticed a few days ago that I had forgotten to update the phone I switched to in my dashboard...... Switching SIMs is easy, after you enter the APN info the first time. Just go back and select the FreeUP APN from the list in your phone.)

Might you also be the very same who posted here=>

That was included in search results for FU SIM, so I had a look at it...

Just saying in a sort of sideways response to that (Yes, I'm a member there, but not logged in...);
I've tried a couple of Alcatel phones in the past & found them to be utter junk - not even vaguely comparable to even the oldest LG phone I have that is a very useful desk accessory after years of constant use that way.

Too funny !!
While I was looking for the FU SIM - KentE posted his reply with the esact/perfect solution - Thanks for that !!

And when I looked in my cart at amazon, I noticed that there is a super deal on a wifi dongle which I can confirm 100% works instantly with Ubuntu - for all of 2.99 !!

I'm posting that right now in the deals thread...

Very strange service !!
Got the SIM, followed the directions to activate - it takes the SIM# - accepts my phone OK - then wants to charge me 15.75 for ANOTHER SIM +shipping !!
A heck of a way to get started with the 'free' plan I'd say !!!

Try again with different browser. Good luck.

Activation Instructions:

Too funny !!
I already tried 2 on the PC & 1 on the phone with the same EXACT result !!
And yes, I read that page after my 4th attempt, thanks.

It just says:

Given that I had gotten my SIM via amazon - those directions do not apply to me.


I will call there during open hours & hope they are easier to deal with than 'worstbuy' !!

Maybe there is some unannounced site or backend maintenance happening. If so, hopefully tomorrow during business hours you will be able to activate successfully.

Handy link to the Zendesk FAQ section, st3fx!

Another page from the that FAQ has some info that might be useful if you bought your SIM from a 3rd party:

(That page specifically mentions SIMs purchased through Amazon.)

I see that page directs one to register an account with FreeUP first, and then activate from within that account.
(I don't know what steps the direct activation link leads you though-- but I do know that when I bought my SIMs via FreeUP, an account was created for me at the point of ordering, and I logged back into that account to activate my SIMs.)
If you're stuck, the solution might be to create the account first.

I'll also second st3fx's thought about browser used as a possibility. I frequently have to try 2 browsers to access my dashboard, with Firefox being the more likely to get hung up somewhere in the process, and Chrome usually working if Firefox doesn't. A time or 2, I've needed to use a Private Window to get it to work.

If all else fails, call them. The agents seem to be pretty good with account issues. (As long as it didn't involve the now-gone Rewards app.)

I just bout a FreeUp sim through Amazon and could not activate it online. I even set up a new account but it still would not let me. I ended up calling CS and she was able to activate it over the phone. However now every time I go to make a call I get a recorded message saying " your balance is low, your balance is zero, please add money" but then the call goes through???

I had that happen at times. Typically during some sort of maintenance period.

I guess I'm lucky-- I've been using FreeUP as my primary for 6 months, and have never heard the message. (But I only use maybe 200 minutes in a month, so maybe I've just missed the maintenance periods.)

Have you tried the following route to activate your sim?

Go to>go to and click on plans>choose and click on "free plan">in next window choose "I already have a sim"> next create account>>> and, not sure, try to activate.

Might work????

Yep, tried & tried & tried - no joy.

So I waited & called today - the rep got it activated after about 7 minutes - wahoo !!

Tried an in-state test call & got the recording posted above by Frasier1, and then it just disconnected.

Called them back using 611 (ah-hah, cellular is working now...) & in that call the rep did something in another ~10 minutes that made it so that my test call now goes through..but - also with the zero balance recording.

Called them back AGAIN using 611 & got the same rep again, told her about it & the oh-fish-ul answer was "Just ignore it" - to which I replied...
'If I'm in the car with someone, making a call via hands-free, and have to share that embarrassing speech every time, I will not stay with this service for very long !!'

She then 'escalated' the matter as a support ticket & told me that sometime during the coming 2 days an answer would arrive to them (not me) & that I should call back to ask about it.

Call them again & again & again...nope, not happening - not even for free.

So I just made another support ticket we'll & see if there is any good response to be had ?!?

OK - VERY fast ticket response !!
They added $0.01 to my account & that horrid recording has now ceased.

Now I've asked them these 2 (hopefully !!) final queries:

1 - How can I shut off the VM for this number completely as I do not need it;

2 - Is there any way to get an email reminding me to log in & renew each month ??