CN=>RP=>Porting Out...nope. Not happening in any way that I can find

I have seen it written here that our CN numbers have gone to RP;
I have also been told & seen it written here that to keep our CN number we can port away from RP, and that they will give us the PIN if we ask for it.

Tried calling for support - wasted more than an hour only to be told they DO NOT have my number;
Just to be thorough then, I also tried this via chat...
It took 4 attempts with excessive wait times to get a foreign 'agent', who then also denied that my number is with RP.

My phone shows that number, I have the account number - but no PIN.
Of course there is no option to reach out to CN as they have gone silent from what I can see here & at their very minimal site.

This really puts the proverbial icing on the CN cake - not only have they endlessly gone on about things they are incapable and/or unwilling of delivering, but having failed so spectacularly, we, the former users with credits in our (so called) accounts have neither any real way to collect the fruits of our labours, nor any way to preserve our numbers should we wish to.

This all reminds me of the 'funny' lines:

Am I overly skeptical ??
By now I don't think so.

Copied directly from the final chat session with RP, after many tries & VERY lengthy wait times:

I feel really bad for you. Nothing I dislike more than having my time wasted by incompetence.

Go here Red Pocket Mobile Refill Step1

Enter number. What does it say?

With 802 #:
Error! 2303 MSISDN not found Non RPM account #53bf5e5e6ab2aa0c

With 'intermediate' 331 #:
Error! 2303 Disconnected MSISDN Closed account #920673e36502851a

Does this info help in any way ??


Yes it shows they really don't have your number and chances of you getting it back are slim. Was it important? You will probably have to send cellnuvo support an email to see if they can help - good luck with that.

If it was on redpocket it would come up with details of you plan, when the plan will expire, refill options etc.

I was using it to get a porting deal from another provider, which may now be yet another waste of my time & efforts - looks like there is sort of a contagion here...
Once exposed to the (former) rp...CN...RP 'illness' - it seems to follow one into the future, causing even more wasted time, life & efforts !!

What about using sprint like others

No direct Sprint service in our area/region:

Also, their services are far more expensive than most everything else even if they had coverage around here !!

Emailed both 'support' and Tom...
Got an auto response seconds later - too funny=> We're on it.
And pigs have wings, and next they'll offer to sell us all some nice land on a bridge !!

There are a few options for low-cost numbers to take advantage of a porting offer.

Are you using Google Voice? And Tracfone? (I think I remember both.)
I have recently ported my Tracfone number elsewhere, and reactivated the Tracfone with a new number, with no loss of time/minutes. (The number change wasn't a problem for me, since my GV # is my "real" number.)

You may be able to do the same with a FreedomPop number, although it will likely cost you a small reactivation charge. (Last I knew, $1.)

Don't know if you saw it, but some time ago someone posted an email form CN saying that CN had basically lost some members numbers and they were sorry. But someone posted that they were able to talk to Sprint CS and retrieve their original number, which I think is what Lexus means when he says to try Sprint. Maybe someone remembers the whereabouts of the relevant posts?

Freedompop is great for number porting because it doesn't close your freedompop line.

The porting information is available in their very good self service portal.

I was able to get a replacement number for the line for no fee.

With freedompop if you want a replacement number with the same area code you might be out of luck. They have been running low on numbers lately. But it probably doesn't matter unless you use it for calls.

I like how they have your pin and account number in plain sight. More should do that.

Hi Folks & Sincere Thanks for the helpful replies !!
Call me crazy if you wish, but my goals in this matter were...

  1. To grab onto my former CN number for re-use;
  2. To avail myself of the latest Textnow offer, which they've been bugging me to get into via emails.
  3. -IF- this had been possible, adding 1 & 2 above, a nicer, newer phone would be forthcoming for the mere action of once again testing the TN service here & the only cost for the 1st month of service even if it was still not getting usable coverage in our area.

We have a couple of 'extra' FP SIMs with attached accounts & numbers that we are not using presently - since there was no data coverage here when we got them - and once the phone arrives & things can proceed, perhaps the porting will have to be changed to one of those numbers.

Presently we each do have phones on Twigby with barely used TF GSM phones for if/when we are anyplace that Twigby cannot reach with its terrific VZ roaming.

The phone offered by TN is a very nice LG Tribute 5 that appears to be both GSM & CDMA - which would be a very good addition for us if the info I found about it is correct.
If not - or if the deal falls through, it will be returned and that, as is said - will be that.

FWIW= Here's the getting number fro Sprint post:

Thanks Again & Again Isamorph !!
So, from that thread, PC-whatever is confirmed to be dead - but more importantly, my 802 number went dead for a time during all the hoopla, then they gave me a 331 number - then the 802 number was live & worked for time, again, later.
That would seem to show that it wasn't 'lost' back then, maybe ??
Baffling - but I'll waste no more life energies on the CN silliness - if need be I'll just move on in the manner outlined in my previous reply - and if that goes on all the same !!!

Redpocket is not willing to spend time on hard things. When I tried to reactivate my account it told me that my number was not there. Hello? The line with my phone number was listed as closed, but I was using it and it could be refilled one week ago. So it did not bother to retrieve my old number, instead, it gave me a new number.... I sensed a conspiracy because this would make my numbers mismatch thus offer an excuse to deny payment.

It can't hurt to ask to port out from Red Pocket using a pin that is the best guess.

At least the new company will call Red Pocket's porting out department to try to get it released.

They might respond with "pin incorrect" which confirms they have the number after all.

Plus your new company might be able to clarify who holds your number as happened with that person who went to Sprint for help.

The request was placed with TN, but without a PIN...
Supposedly the next step is to hear back from them soon, but they also made a couple of errors in making the new account which need correcting, so there is also a support ticket opened already.
If they are able to take a guessed at PIN, great - if not...we'll see what WILL work...otherwise...maybe ??
The very bippity bottom line here is that to get the promo, porting is required; if nothing we have will suffice, then the order will be reversed as I am only getting it because of the promo offered.

Thanks !!

Shock and awe here - actually got a reply from CN, have a look:

Amazing, yes ??

Now to see if I can move stuff forward with TN...and maybe keep that number...or not.