Here's what has happened for me thus far...

Tried starting with the free RP offer & porting there with our spare RP phone which is an LG Slider, and also with one of our other RP phones - And it failed saying:

Then it tries to upsell me into buying a new phone - Boo !!!

Tried calling them too after getting no reply today to my latest emailed inquiry & got only as far as their VM.

Here's their posted contact info:
209 W Jackson Blvd, 6th floor
Chicago, IL 60606
(800) 810-1538

So then I tried a new activation with a non-RP phone & the code 'RPFree' & using the info posted at RP by Classical_Music:

Then it completed & was free.
Got through the sign-up & email verifications - but cannot log in just yet, so...

Grabbed their app's APK & stuck that into the phone...next, it needed PRL & profile updating, then I could make & get calls fine, even sent & got a couple of SMSs...BUT:

Still cannot log into the account at their site, which seems very odd.

Lastly, though it has activated & is working, the Cellnuvo app tells me 'package code cannot be found, please activate your account.'
Altogether it seems quite odd, but it is working so far all the same - or so it seems - and for free, what, me worry ?!?

Also got this in the email a minute later:

We will greatly appreciate any help from anyone who also tries this service in keeping our spare phone 'charged up' via that code, please.

Our main lines from rp are getting ported to Twigby, so it looks like we're in pretty good shape with no auto-porting via their proposed default move as long as our porting requests are taken care of properly there...?

Amongst all the options you have been considering, what about the $4 monthly "Premium Voice" from FreedomPop?

Tried everything FP offers right up to their own phones...
The only thing that works from FP here is VOIP via wifi - their cellular stuff all fails due to lack of data signals hereabouts.

The cheap Spring MVNOs which include verizon roaming are the best bets for us in CDMA coverage; we also have backup GSM phones in case we are out & need to signal hunt to make any calls...


That's a good data point, thanks.

I thought that FP's Premium Voice would work just like ordinary Sprint cell service if there was no data connection.

It sounds like that wasn't the case for you.

And I can see the benefit of Verizon roaming.

FP remains 100% VOIP no matter via cellular or wifi - all it uses is the data channel, sadly.

We could not even get a single call to work via their 'cellular' the whole time we tried it, so we gave up on it.

Downgraded that number to free though & still use it via an un-activated phone with their free app via wifi here at home & it works fine.

Just waiting for R+ to get moving with my ports so I can free a phone that actually works on cellNuvo. This is so frustrating. I have one port made on the 3rd, one on the 4th and one on the 5th. All in process with Tello still............

I've tried FreedomPop premium voice and it works perfectly over cellular.

Sure...IF there is a good 3G or 4G data channel available, that is most likely why.

Where we live & mostly travel there is still only 2G over 90% of the time - and FP fails reliably around here.

FP does work 100% perfectly at home via wifi & their free app using the same number left over from having their non-usable (here) phone & 'premium' services.

Even they confirmed that was the exact reason that we could not use it & then very happily refunded on all charges because the only data usage was the initial setup via wifi.

We've tried their phones, global GSM SIM, regular GSM SIM & free services...via wifi is all that works here.

Got a phone set up last night...only earned 175 so far...how are ya'll doing so well? What videos are there? I've only been provided the opportunity to watch like 2-3 Coast Guard ad videos for about 15 credits each. The rest came these 5 credit awards that randomly pop up...a few times an hour...is that how we get the ~ 60 credits for Thank Yous?

I asked for clarification on the requirement about needing to accumulate a minimum of 2500 points to keep the plan acitive and they indicated that this was not required anymore.

The response was:

"We have removed the 2500 requirement. On the $0 Infinite plan you just need to earn credits (more than 1 credit)."

They need to update their website:

"Just like with the Flex Plan, it's your responsibility to maintain a balance of 500 credits. You must also acquire a minimum of 2500 credits over the course of each 30 day period. Failing these will cause a temporary suspension of your service, this ensures our free service is not wasted."


And honestly, that looks updated from a day or so ago.

The funniest thing I've read in a long time at Social. It actually made me LOL.

Signed up phone works great but having issues with the app kept getting error 15. Silly me reset my phone now keeps saying to activate my account.

Emailed 2 days ago, no response, tried to send another but keep getting there was a problem sending your response. No ones on their chat and haven't had someone pick up the 800 number. Finally looked to see if I could just close the account and sign up again no can do.

In my 2 years with ring+ I've had 1 problem which took a grand total of 15mins to fix. I know a lot of you can't say this but I'm really missing the level of Ring+ customer support I received lol.[/i]

That would be fantastic. That was the worse thing about it for me.

Today's Cellnuvo funny for me is this:
Swiping for points only brings up a little 10 point screen that just instantly gives the 10...over & over & over !!
Getting a hundred took under a minute.

Still no welcome/thanks thingies for 60 daily - after a few days I'll likely ask them about that, but it seems best to let the poor dears catch their breath before bugging them again about anything as my line works perfectly just as it is.

Yes those qiip ones are the best! I scored hundreds too. Have you been getting my referral credits through?

Howdy !!
No referral credits or anything aside of the ones I've grabbed, but I can be patient & hit 'em up for support after all the furor dies down some.

With our several phones we have enough allotments that just a wee bit of use via Cellnuvo will be enough - and mostly I am at home & use GV here anyhow via the Obi box - so its all good.

Have you gotten anything aside of the credits grabbed manually yourself ??

No just the manual credits. Got lucky witha barrage of easy ones tonight that kept repeating. I see one person I referred in my account but no credits from them. Maybe posted at the end of the month?

Do you have me listed in your referral section with 0 credits?

Here is the email response from the CEO about the 2500 monthly requirement:

We no longer have that requirement.

We will be updating the site shortly to reflect that.

Thanks for your feedback


Tom Mannix
Founder & CMO

On Feb 10, 2017, at 7:35 AM, wrote:

Thank You so much for your prompt reply. I am a former Ring Plus user and I have been using your service for the past couple of days and I am very happy with it.

I am on several online forums with Ring Plus users who are looking for other service and their main hesitation about joing CellNUVO is the 2500 monthly requirement on the $0 infinity plan. I have mentioned to them your comment below but they have stated that the requirement still appears on your website. If there is any way that this could be updated, I think it would help as there are many users that would be very interested/ happy with you service.


Ok.. I made it here! Still have one last port out in eternal hell to ECO... anywho...Glad to be here!

I to experienced the small ad glitch. Racked in the points. Today I received two large video ads. Can't remember the first one, and then the Coast Guard video ad. Both 15 credits each.

So far easy peasy for free service!