CellNUVO updated their website

But why?

Very interesting!!! Sounds like we can pick ANY carrier, including keeping our existing plan with another carrier!!!


Perhaps now, I would get a Tello monthly plan then get CN to subsidize it.

Hope it's for real.

It is my idea.... Cellnuvo should give me a bonus.

Does that mean no more CN $0/mo Paygo? Hm...

And how do you get a "referral code"?

In that case I will use up my golds and quit.

Sounds good if it works. I've been suggesting this for some time.

No more dealing with a middleman - straight to your mvno of choice and you use cellnuvo just to pay for it.

did you email tom. Of not then no soup for you

Question is how... there needs to be some way to link to your cell acct for payment to go through...

But why? Rates are very similar with Tello PayGo. I am wondering if I would sign up for the $7 plan to get 200MB LTE then unlimited 2G... pay for calls and texts as needed... all paid through CN...

Yes how is the big question. Seems like the website leaked before it was ready.

But a change in direction is welcome after the past 2 months of issues.

If it works.

A virtual cash card would be great.

Interesting. This gets them out of the cellphone tech side...their obvious weakness given the last two months of technical problems they experienced (I bailed after the first week with no CellNUVO service). But it keeps them in the advertising app business that they seem to handle much better.

Still, they need to work on their customer service given this BBB rating: https://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/cell-phone-supplies/cellnuvo-in-chicago-il-90012127 Granted it's only based on 4 complaints, but they need to pay attention to their customers more...

That would be good. I would be ecstatic if we can link to swappa to buy used phones.

I'm guessing through account information given in a newer version of their app:

"Whether you pick a new one or keep your existing plan all you need to do is, enter the details in the settings of your CellNUVO app."

Yes good idea!

Obviously deal between cellnuvo and redpocket is off. Cellnuvo is attempting to do what I suggested... We pick a plan from whatever carrier we like, and cellnuvo pays for it as we redeem the golds.

Let us swipe for bitcoins! :wink:

I hate any plan with an expiration date. Sometime I don't have a phone call for a few weeks, and sometimes I talk one or two hours in a single call.

You are funny. You have been going on about them replacing redpocket with tello.Not this. No credit to you. Sorry Hungry-Hog!

You obviously did not read all my posts. But I don't blame you.