CellNUVO Support wrote: UPDATE

CellNUVO Support wrote: UPDATE

"Three months ago we began working to redevelop our back end to deploy our service on all available networks. We had been planning on making the switch right after the Labor Day holiday.
We had made all of our partners and development team aware that we were on target for that switch and we were in the last segment of our testing when one company that provided back office and other operational services for CellNUVO notified us they were closing their business immediately.
This forced us to expedite the switch to our new platform. We have been working closely with our partners and carriers to make this transition over the last few days.
There have been certain accounts that are stuck in limbo, however everyone on our side as well as the carrier side are aware of this and have been working around the clock to get this fixed
A few points for clarification here.
No silver you had is lost. No silver you have gained is lost. All of that is maintained separately.
CellNUVO is in a strong financial position and is profitable! We are not going anywhere but forward. This transition was a direct result of our growth as well as our strong subscriber base.
We will be offering users, impacted by this, apology credits and certain other bonuses.
We have our support team handling incoming requests, although during this period they are needing to go outside our normal flow
Regardless of why something didn't go 100% according to plan, the buck stops with me. I am sorry there have been issues, and we are not a team that will offer excuses so I wanted to offer this explanation so that you know where we stand and what we are doing to address items
As I know more I'll update you
Tom Mannix"

Email from Tom about rumors about closing and bankruptcy

I did not want this information to be lost in the other thread.
I wanted everyone to be able to see it.

Hope this is ok.

I think it's thoughtful of you to post it as a separate thread, lexus21. If someone comes looking for info, they'll spot this right away without searching for it.

hi, does anyone know how to get in touch with anyone at cellnuvo? there live chat and phone support don`t work, and whenever i email them, they take FOREVER to respond. its getting really frustrating since they are not giving me a new activation code since i reinstalled the app and now im locked out and cant earn any silver. is anyone else experiencing the same poor quality of service that i am? they really dont treat their customers with any respect. im literally on the verge of switching to freedom-pop!

CellNuvo service has been down almost two days now. If you read the other CellNuvo threads on this forum, it will be clear that CS is swamped now and trying valiantly to restore service, which hopefully they will do soon.

ik, but they dont make it clear when the service/website will be up and running when they clearly DO know, which gets me annoyed. i`ve emailed tom and his support team NUMEROUS times, to which no avail.

And you know this how?

They have multiple vendors working on a major platform change and they unexpectedly had to do it several weeks before they had originally planned.

They've clearly run into a few problems during the conversion process and have said that they'll take steps to "make it up" to their customers. How much more do you want?

They've got all hands on deck, trying to get it done as quickly as possible, and yet people want them to break away and give them individual attention.

My suggestion is to hang loose, let them do their thing, and be glad that you're fortunate enough to be able to devote so much energy into being pissed off that your free cellphone service isn't being upgraded as quickly as you'd like.

no one asked for a upgrade. its nice that their doing it; but when push comes to shove, hands down, everyone would want to be respected and be treated like a normal human being over a service upgrade.

Why don't you have both CellNUVO and FreedomPop? At least you have one working when you need phone services.

Tom has his top priority on the changeover. If he responded you alone it would be unfair to the other customers. His response to everyone is already sufficient in my book. As long as CellNUVO still pays Sprint bills, we can wait it out while using our backup phone (or CellNUVO is actually the last one on my backup phone list behind FreedomPop LTE SIM, Tello PAYG, Sprint 1 year free, Cricket 5 line for $100 phone services with very little money out of pocket.)

I like the way you think.

I have a different menagerie of phones and services but the idea is the same and the overall cost is very low-- certainly less than what most of my friends pay for one line.

If I were starting over and knew what I know, now, I'd streamline down to 4gCommunity, TPO Benevolent, CellNUVO, FreedomPop and Red Pocket $60/yr plan.

That would cover me on all four networks, give me one unlimited data source, and only cost a total of $31/month.

btw are there any other service providers like cellnuvo and freedom pop which offer 100% free service?

If you buy a new iPhone from the Apple Store or from Virgin Mobile you can get a year of unlimited service from Virgin for $1.

If you can handle a small monthly bill, the TPO Benevolent plan is $7.99/mo for unlimited talk, text and low speed data as well as 100 MB of high speed data. You get your choice of Sprint or TMobile.

I made this thread so that people who came in would see the message from cellnuvo. Without digging throught 12 pages of the other thread. I was hoping the discussion and frustration would stay in the other thread.

With multiple partners involved not everyone will work around the clock or over the weekend. I've been assuming it will be at least Monday before there is even a chance things will get fixed.

Do note Tom is not just any employee. I'm not sure of his exact title (I always thought he was CEO?) but he is a founder/co-founder of cellnuvo. So it is quite unusual for someone at his level to be available to regular users directly. I'm surprised he gives out his email address so freely. Most emails should go to support@cellnuvo.com and I imagine they will be answered first come first serve. As you can imagine it might take a little longer during a time like this. I've always found support to be fairly quick myself but ymmv. If you email Tom I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get to you right away. He is probably heavily involved in getting all of us who have lost service back up and running so might not be able to look at individual issues right away. At least that is my understanding as a fellow cellnuvo user.

support takes AT LEAST 24 hours to respond

I think you have to realise that there is nothing support can do for you right now anyway until whatever is happening is fixed. Most of us have no service whatsoever. There are relatively few ads available right now as well. So waiting it out is about the only option left.

at the least what they can do is tell us how much longer. or give a time frame...not just leave us in the dark

Yes it would be nice. In an ideal world.

However I doubt they know how long it will take themselves. It isn't planned downtime but unforeseen difficulties involving multiple systems and partners that need to work together to fix. Not easy to predict how long it would take.

Is Anybody getting service with cellnuvo?????? Speak up if you are!!!!

Once someone has their service restored and working, for some reason, I think we will hear from that person faster than a speeding bullet. Perhaps we should have some sort of prize for the first person who reports their phone is now working.