Cellnuvo support not as fast

cellnuvo support not as fast as before the update. Takes maby days jut to answer you. Then takes weeks to do anything.

If they are going to charge double points they should be very fast in handing issues, swaps, payments.

So it is only fair

I think customer support will be the second ones to feel the pinch. We were the first.

I think the tech team has its work cut out to solve all these bugs as well.

Some things just simply shouldn't take so long. My amazon gift card is overdue. Was told yesterday that it was sent to me by Stephanie but I never received it. Told to contact support with the details but that means more waiting. My friend went through the same. No reply today. Sad thing is my gift code is for a small amount and not worth the hassle. There really shouldn't be issues with the amazon payments assuming it is the same system.

No sign of my echeck either which is overdue now. Saying they are sorry and explaining the situation would go a long way to increasing my patience.

I still think if we pick a time for a swap it should be all in one and the payment is sent "automagically" as soon as the swap matures. None of this 5-10 business days wait on top. At the very least if they are going to tack on 5-10 business days it better be done within that time frame!

I concur with all of your comments above... and you have coined a great new word!

If I recall correctly it was used by cellnuvo before on their website so I was kind of making fun of them lol.

There's a chance Cellnuvo won't be able to pay users what they've earned. Then what? What recourse do users have.

Are you a user? Are you worried? What recourse do you have?

There's always that long-standing offer of dropping by the office in Chicago for a street cart hot dog.

I think it was a beef sandwich. I remember thinking that I wasn't aware of that Chicago culinary tradition. It looks pretty good, though.

We would get charged points lol

Yes. You are correct. It was a beef stand - https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/96-cellnuvo?start=40#698

Though I never saw the entry on the thread with the picture you linked (that is more memorable).

Maybe they'd offer Cellnuvo hats as compensation.

A really good sense of humor?:ohmy:

"Zorba the Greek" comes to my mind :slight_smile:

Edit: After total fiasco one can always choose to hysterically laugh and dance: Zorba The Greek - End Scene - YouTube

Zorba the Greek, indeed. Great example and exactly what I had in mind. Monty Python's "Look On the Bright Side" is one of my favorites for dealing with woes. I might add that I thought many R+ users, some of whom are on this forum, exhibited a Zorba-like sense of humor when R+ went down taking a significant sum of some customer's money with them.

Today I received payment for the $120.00 request made from CellNuvo using the eCheck option. I used the printer option as instant transfer has a fee (already lost $120 by cashing out fast to meet phone bills). I figured I'd share since some mentioned their check was pass due.

They are using Deluxe eChecks (for those curious).

What is the fee? For printer option?

2.99% for instant transfer. Print option is free.

So you paid double points and 3%

Seems like a lot.

Other wize you would print it then deposit like a normal check?


It prints like a normal check with
a verification barcode. I paid no fee (check option used). To cash out the points; yes, I did sacrifice 50% of the earnings on that particular account. Time will tell if my credit union complains about this type of check.

In our case, we needed the funds while the rest pays out with the established point schedules. Also, we figured it would be a good idea to cash out part sooner just in case they go under being that the fact is things are too erratic (some like payments are delayed, some like the app and these new policies are rushed, etc).

To be honest, my present confidence level on the company is about 20%. Ad for the rest of the family, probably under. I know stuff happens, so I am willing to continue to give them a chance.

Now, I will admit we have all practically stopped swiping due to the current return on investment and lack of confidence. Anyway, as with everything, time will tell a tale.