CellNUVO & Phone Purchases?

Remember a while back when CellNUVO said we could use credits/silver/gold to purchase a phone?

Any word on that? I'm in the market for a new device, and with over 660 gold I think it'd be awesome to use it to buy the phone I'm interested in.

I believe THIS is still in effect so (until further notice) a phone purchase would have to be paid off via $50 (max.) /month payments to one of the big four.

LOL the nerve

You tried to spread lies about cellnuvo multiple times and then come back and ask for help redeeming gold.

Good luck with that!

Not Helpful.

Exactly, the whole thread is not Helpful

Not again, please. Golden Rule.

  1. I flagged your post. It's ironic that you so frequently cry about people trolling yet you're so eager to do it yourself.

  2. I haven't lied about CN once. All of the information I've shared is what I've discovered by communications with entities they've worked with (or claimed to). Any inaccuracies aren't intentional fabrications - merely misunderstanding of the situation on the part of those I've contacted.

  3. I don't need "help" redeeming gold. It's easy enough to tap screens and enter numbers. I was just curious if using gold for phone purchases was actually a possibility or another line of BS from CN.

If you're going to accuse someone of lying, point your finger at the company which has repeatedly failed to honor its claims. No free phones, no 10 or 20 percent bonus points, no restoration of lost numbers... and yet you still go to bat for CN like it's your daddy's company. You are the worst kind of fanboy.

I think the proper term would be Leadvertiser.

If we are to believe that then you have the amazing ability to reach all kinds of senior management from just contacting the regular customer service number/chat we all have to use.

First you "used socially engineering" to reach a high ranking sprint manager who apparently said " Cellnuvo hasn't been paying their bills to sprint. Just like R+"

Then you said "I managed to engineer my way up the redpocket support chain just like I did with Sprint some months back... and wouldn't you know it, CN pulled the same nonpayment shenanigans"

Then you claimed "I also contacted Amazon's sales and marketing director"

Not only is the information bogus but I don't think anyone believes you are able to get hold of these high ranking officers of companies and get them to reveal what would be confidential information.

Yes it is possible

I am tired of the made up lies. No names of management talked to.



Is it me or does this thread seem to be an attempt to remind us that phone purchase is not available from CN?

About a month or so ago, CN sent emails announcing changes to gold redemption rules. CN said customers were engaging in abusive behavior so they made changes to the amount and frequency of gold redemption. Redemption is limited to 1 redemption ($50 max.) per month. The announcement stated the change was to be temporary and would be revisited by mid-January. To date, the 1 transaction ($50 max.) per month remains in effect.

Gold can be redeemed to fulfill payments to Red Pocket and the big four. Red Pocket doesn't sell phones, but were you to enter an installment or lease agreement with one of the big four to get a phone, you could use gold to cover the monthly charges for the phone. It can't be paid for in one lump sum though.


Yes gold can be redeemed for phones. One way is the installment/lease method as mentioned on the cellnuvo website. You can also buy one in a lump sum in some situations.

Yes the 50 gold max per month is still in effect. Revisiting doesn't mean it will change. Considering things are working so well I am okay with that. I am sure actual customers who aren't looking to bail will be fine with it too or can work with it. It also appears that multiple transactions a month are okay as long as they are under 50 gold in total.

Other than installment/lease, in what situations can you buy a phone (let alone a flagship) in one lump sum with CN gold?

CN's statement below says the limits were implemented because of user abuse and would be "temporary" meaning: It was not intended to be permanent.:

""Thank you so much for using CellNUVO, unfortunately because some users have engaged in behavior that is abusive, we have had to instill a temporary new rule to protect our customers, as such customers can top up once a month for a total of $50. This is only temporary, and will be updated mid January. Thank you." (emphasis added)

Thanks for sharing your personal opinion on the efficacy of new rule.

I helped my brother make a payment this month using 100 gold. Are you sure the 50 gold max per transaction is still in effect?

It is very interesting,
We still have cash money which can be used (almost) anywhere for anything,
Then we have all sorts of new instruments which are only valid at certain businesses. Does anyone else think we are moving backwards not forwards?