Cellnuvo has closed my account

Nothing works.

Is that cellnuvo or redpocket?

Screenshot from redpocket account. 300 gold and closed account. F

Because cellnuvo did not pay for your account, redpocket closed your account. I believe that you could pay redpocket directly to keep your account active. However, if I have to pay cash to keep my redpocket account active every month, I will switch to tello.

Mine also says Closed via Red Pocket Mobile Refill Step1

(also weird, the Plan Expiration Date works out to Day of Top Up + 13 which is several weeks in the past although the phone kept working until this morning)

Ignore that smell, folks! Everything's fine LOL.

Mine says closed there as well. CN is really a joke.

Moderator, can we please ban all the wonderful forum members who banded together to ban the people who, as it turned out, were banned for being right?

Uhthisb and banana .... Does your closed account still work? Can you make and receive phone calls?

No calls, no texts, no data.

When I called my phone number of that closed account, I heard ... The number or code you have dialed is incorrect, please go you know what yourself.

Crap, my account is closed as well. Checked with Tello & Ting and my device has just been released. I guess this is the end. Crap!

I believe that today is the last day for all cellnuvo accounts in redpocket. Cellnuvo has come to realize that no paygo plan for cellnuvo members from redpocket and the business relationship between cellnuvo and redpocket has gone sour. That is why they updated the website. Well, happy holiday you all suckers!

My 300 gold won't even buy a turkey. Won't even by a can of cranberry. Ding dong

Not a good sign that accounts are being closed.

One of mine still works fine. The expiration date passes and it renews a few days after. It has done that a couple times by itself though the latest date is 19 Nov.

The other I switched to redpocket tmobile and it has been stuck on "need initial refill" with an expiration of 11 Oct from day 1. No progress getting that fixed by cellnuvo or Tom for 6 weeks.

RedPocket closed my two lines as well. RP became RIP.

The least they could have done was to give us a heads up. I guess even that was too much to ask.

Sent email to nuvo support. They said. Canned response....

Just confirming that ­we got your request. ­We're on it

Red pocket chat has 50 minute wait

After seeing these posts, I checked my phone. Mine is closed too. Having no communication from CN finally did it for me. I'm trying to move to Tello now. I'm sorry I was still swiping.

My wifes line that had an Oct. 15 expiration got closed. My two other lines that have Nov. 16 expiration date are still active. Looks like once your plan goes over 30 days past expiration date it gets closed.

Just checked and my phone still works. I had not used it for a few weeks, and prior to that, throughout all the crisis hubbub, I have only used 10 to 15 minutes. So it looks as if it will stop whenever whatever minutes,etc., remain are used up.