CellNuvo Check Delays

Anyone seeing delays on checks? Placed my order on 5/11 and I am still waiting for it. They responded today indicating that they are backed up due to the holiday. I guess they take holidays seriously and take more than just the one day.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Wonder what will happen when we cash out the $300 due for July.

Yes. Mine due today but got the same response.

Cellnuvo should be ashamed.

You wait months you should not have to wait 1 day more.

I agree. Too bad some folks don't run their business in a way that respects and treat others they way most people expected to be treated (doubt anyone wants to be treated the way we have). Anyway, as long as I/we get paid, I am okay at this point. Once paid, the rest is just that...

"backed up due to the holiday?" What a crock!!

My guess is that they're waiting for more advertising checks to roll into their account.

July Fireworks coming soon

Agreed, but they are not following their own rules

I despise double standards

All I know my check is only for $62 bucks, so we will see what happens with the $300 one.

Edit: maybe by then, they will be backed up with the 4th of July holiday or better yet - spent all the cash on fireworks! :stuck_out_tongue:

It's not like CN is some fresh new "startup" waiting for that very first incoming payment to arrive before being able to pay their customers. Beyond that, with the implementation of swap (step 1) and send/spend (step 2), they not only have a heads up for what payments are coming due, they CONTROL how much those payments are allowed to be.

There is absolutely no excuse for late payments. NONE!! but all this is supposed to be better for users? CN is full of it.

Waiting for the July tidal wave of cashouts! $475 for us.....fingers crossed!!!

Oh yeah. We got fingers, arms, legs, and hairs crossed! :lol:

I don't know how they can generate any cash when there are no ads.

I swipe a half dozen times, each day, and if I don't get an ad, I'm done.

How desperate would someone have to be to tolerate 20 empty swipes and still hold out hope for a 1ยข ad?

They had a motivated and enthusiastic base and they've thrown that away without explanation.

I think we could tolerate just about any explanation, as long as it rang true and there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Agreed! Could not be better said.

What makes matters worse is that Tom or somebody from cellnuvo has not come in here and talk to us. All that silence is going to do is force everybody to leave.

Dam shame

Cellnuvo has done to themselves with the trolls could not. Destroy their user base.

dam dam shame

Most of us are done

I have a bad feeling about July. I hope I am wrong.

I'd prefer they stay silent if what they'd have to say is anything like the BS stated the last time they visited.

They aren't obligated to come here and chit chat with anyone. They ARE, however, under obligation to pay people according to the schedule THEY set.

That's the least they could do. I want them to shut up and pay up.

Very true! I am so tired of their lies and delays -- still waiting for my Amazon gift card I ordered in the first week of May. And this "holiday weekend" excuse is so laughable.

The most benign explanation I can think of is that CN is just not taking care of ongoing business, and doesn't get around to sending the payments. This is not encouraging.

1-one-2 (obove) seems to have done a good job of detailing concerns with the less benign alternative, which is even less encouraging.

I-one-2 wrote: ".... with the implementation of swap (step 1) and send/spend (step 2), they not only have a heads up for what payments are coming due, they CONTROL how much those payments are allowed to be."

With the obvious lack of ads,which naturally leads to less swiping I kinda doubt CellNUVO has sufficient cash flow to pay anybody much of anything. I've noticed on both apps that all the short term swaps have been stuck on zero for a while, at least for me.

I still try a little swiping on both apps every day but for the most part I've seen very few ads and maybe 1 survey per day.Anxiously watching for reports that anyone has gotten paid a substantial amount while I'm waiting on mine.