CellNuvo App

As I was swiping this morning, I noticed the "Silver Needed" 0 changed from a blue/teal to a green. Under Account Details - several items have changed from what they have always been. Account status is 1 vs 5, Description is Untouched vs Active, Account Package is TSB1 vs NUVOINF, Has the new temp number, has a new account number. This is only on my 1 fully working line. My other lines that don't work or partially work have not been updated (except the temp number).

Signs of progress I guess...

Yikes, just checked one phone and the app now shows a 718 area code number and a completely different referral code! Defintely NOT progress!

Same with one of my phones. The app now has a 909 area code and a different (wrong) ESN, but is still adding silver. The phone still has the 331 phone number.

The other phone still has the original correct info in the app, but silver stopped adding.

Haha, the app on my phone now has 407 area code, a different CN account # and wrong ESN. The best part is it gave me about 250,000 additional silvers :stuck_out_tongue: The actual working phone # on the phone is still the original temp 331 one after I did the Profile/PRL update again just to see if it changes to the 407 area code.

Anyway, I checked the 407 area code # shown on the app with Red Pocket refill and it shows not being registered with them. I then checked the ESN with Ting and it's a HTC that I don't own, and is ready to be activated.

So I think this account belongs to someone else who still doesn't have active service but somehow landed on my phone. So my account is probably floating somewhere in someone else's device :ohmy:


I hope someone else doesn't get my 1.1 million credits. (!)

chelle, you should consider deeding it to me. :wink: i always think that you are the most beautiful woman in this forum.

my silvers are still correct but my account number esn mobile device number referral code are all wrong.

Isn't she the only woman in this forum as well? :whistle:

First is first. Whether it's a one person race, or not, makes no difference to me. :wink:

what about my referrals?

Did you actually get those credits?

Most of the phones I manage (all but one have cross referrals to the others) did not get referral credits from the other phones.

you refer lazy bones

should i stop swiping? i dont want to earn silvers for an unknown person.

Same, phone still has 331 number but info in App is all wrong...Gold/Silver correct but showing different phone #, ESN, and ICCID...

No--swipe harder.

It is better to give than to receive.

Nice try but, No.

I see all the phones and they swipe.

Of course, like everybody else, just because you swipe doesn't mean you actually get all the credits you earn.

I have seen their credits at different times and their cumulative balance grows but the referral credits don't get allocated on the account dashboard(s).

Yes, and pray the person who has your account is just as kind and haven't squandered your silvers (not that he/she is able to).

if it is chelle i would be ok.

I seem to have the opposite problem - my details are correct but no ads are crediting.

i hope cellnuvo has backuped the database before flushing it.