Cellnuvo ABUSE

Hey Tom,

You accused some of your users of so called abuse. With never explaining how cellnuvo was abused.

Question for you.

What do you call a company's CEO, CFO, support team that just disappear with no communication that they went bankrupt?


You do not care that you wasted all of our time. And took what we have earned.

I wonder if you teach others the same ethics?

Not a role model.

Since he is in politics those ethics apply.

Looks like we were ... dumped... No word on my end either... Still got plenty, so alright. I do wonder what the abuse was all about... Time always tells a tale so we shall see.

Only they know what the abuse was, if there was any, maybe it was that some of us actually got paid.

Certainly it seems like us looking to cash out was the abuse. I can’t think of anything else considering their TOS and the fact that they allowed and even encouraged at times multiple accounts.

Either way, companies rise and fall. Sure, it would be nice to hear from them, but the fact is that good moral values and ethics are not the standard for today’s society and thus businesses will reflect that. In short, we can’t expect business to run on high standards if we (as a society) do not do our part and treat others they way we would expect to be treated (e.g. with respect, fairly, putting our selves in others shoes, etc).

This reflects my personal opinion and it is not meant as an attack towards anyone. If you are offended, I sincerely apologize and encourage you to do some meditating on what triggered such a reaction.

Just my personal opinion on 'abuse'. based only on observations:
I don't think the 'abuse' comment originated with CellNuvo, and I don't think it was specifically targeted at CellNuvo users. (At least not targeted at specific CellNuvo users by Cellnuvo's own action......)

During that period was when I first started seeing lots of reports about ad-delivery abuse, mostly (but not entirely) via automated processes, and advertisers & middlemen pushing back against it.
To a middle-man ad supplier, CellNuvo swiping activity (or other similar apps) may have looked like low-grade, poorly executed, ad delivery fraud. (Quick repetitive clicks, fast ad closures, etc.) I suspect the 'abuse' statements, and the few account suspensions seen, may have been passed down from the middle-man, not originated by CellNuvo. (Among other things, I think rapidly developing an algorithm for detecting and acting on 'abuse' within CellNuvo's app was beyond their app-development skillset, and there was little reason to develop it unless pushed by ad suppliers.)

That said, there were some ways to sidestep the intent of the app design and ad delivery intent, and many of us did it to various extent-- VPN relocation wasn't ever explicitly prohibited, but was outside the intent of the app design, and outside the intent of the advertisers. Regularly resetting Google ID was also side-stepping the intent of offers, especially when combined with resetting the offer wall. I don't think that CellNuvo targeted these actions, though-- just because their responses to the few account suspensions never mentioned it. If it was a target of the middlemen, I'm not sure that CellNuvo understood that.

Multiple accounts was certainly not abuse within the framework of CellNuvo. It may have been viewed as less-than-desirable within the framework of the ad middlemen.

The abuse mentioned by cellnuvo was about users circumventing some rules of the phone installment program. It was vague but they didn't appear to be talking about swiping ads and earning points.

I'm disappointed with the way things are ending. As an early adopter I remember the good times when Tom actively engaged with us and incorporated ideas into the app. It was win win. Yes of course they want to make money and cared about themselves first but there was a time when customer happiness achieved that. I have moved on and I am sad I lost some money but would like some closure at least. They at least owe us that and costs them nothing.

Like everyone here. I would also like to know where the abuse stemmed from.

However the point of my thread was the double standard that Tom is doing. Calling out abuse is one thing. Doing it to others after you screamed about it being done to you. Is quite another.

It is malicious to say the least.

Tom and his CFO have done more to destroy their company then any abuser.

Funny thing is. I can see him starting a new venture and the trolls following him.

All the milder, gentler words used to describe the very real actions of CN are mildly amusing...

Whether it be money, time or property that was stolen, it is still actually theft, plain & simple.

And sadly, in the current world, theft has become a legitimate business tactic all too often.

Ok how do you sue or arrest someone for a unreal currency?

If someone steals your Monopoly money do you call that person a thief? And if you do. What legal recourse do you have?

Also I doubt cellnuvo would be able to get a dissolution with outstanding debts.

That is EXACTLY the right question RealLexusl21 !!!

And it has no people-friendly answer that I've yet run across.
Precisely also why so many swindlers demand to be paid via BC - cyberkrap has ZERO recourse, and this is no different.

Only a matter of time now until some uproar follows the 'fake money' scams, and then the pole-eee-ticks will start the further (and always worse) with their bloodsucking (non-) solutions.

KUDOS TO NTH CIRCLE AND ALL THE WONDERFUL POSTERS!!![/b] which provides us a platform where we can attempt to[strike] level the playing field ,[/strike]( or at least attempt to become more informed )

Actions are louder than words. When they went silent, the truth came out.
A thief slides quietly away. Close up shop and on to the next.

For the record Stephanie@cellnuvo
Lied to me when I directly asked if cellnuvo was going out of business. She said no they were staying in business.
Not going anywhere.

Although she was probably fed the line by Tom.

Also why was cellnuvo delisted from Google play store? By their own hand or external forces?

People seem to want various actions from Cellnuvo (Tom) in order to close the book on this debacle, Some want to get paid what they are due (I'm in this group). Some want explanations for how we reached this point by rehashing each step along the way. Some simply want a definitive statement that the party's over.

Unless someone is determined enough to travel to Chicago, I can't see any way we can force Cellnuvo to communicate with us. If geting paid is that big a deal, take Cellnuvo to small claims court.

Cost you more to travel to Chicago (more then once if Tom fights it) Plus you can't sue for a fake currency (gold)


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Works for me.

Works fine on my end too.