Can't Use Data Since Saturday

Both of my Cellnuvo phones suddenly can't use data since Saturday, showing " ERROR 67". Before that everything is normal with temp 331 number. I've updated PRL more than twenty times with no luck. We can only use calling and txt now.

Anyone else have the same problem?

Same here, Data quit working on two phones. Last time I checked my note 2 still works on 3g.

Some people are saying that CellNuvo actually only provided 50 MB of data instead of the 250 MB that they stated a couple weeks ago. I guess if your data isn't working it could be because you used up the allotted amount? Just a thought.

Mine with temp 331 number has only calling working since Saturday after emailing Cellnuvo support. Texting and data are not working.

Very possible. I checked my used data, it just reached 50M. Thank you.

OMG only 50M data for this LASTING FOREVER temp period: :sick: :sick:

Are there any limits for calling and text?

The answer is, Yes.

For several of us, the effective limit is ZERO as we have no service and no answers.

I talked with a Redpocket CS, they said all accounts were given 100MB/250Call/250Text. Only a measly amount of what nuvo said they'd give us. I too lost data service after using 100mb. I asked the rep if they could look into my usage/balance, They gave me a usage of 245 Text, 240 call, and 0 mb of data left. If someone could confirm that all accounts are the same by asking customer service for their current balance that'd be great.

100MB/250Call/250Text. Is this supposed to last a month? Glad my freedom pop flipped over to a new month of 200c 500t 1 gb

I did not get 100m... Mine ended at 35m.

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Is it possible that porn video clips used the 65m of data not recorded in my data usage history?

:stuck_out_tongue: Ask red pocket chat about that? They are very good at chatting. No charge unless you get Alexandria on the chat. She's extra but we'll worth it

:dry: Reading between, and outside, the lines on this thread, it appears that some posters "needs" for data may be beyond whatever Cellnuvo or Red Pocket can provide, and maybe it would behoove some to move to one of the big four telecoms ,or one of their MNVOs, that offer unlimited data to have their "needs" satisfied.

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Perhaps other means of meeting part of the needs might be found such as WiFi or Ethernet--both work remarkably well.

We need answers before any informed decision can be made. Some people got 100mb and some only got 50mb. Going forward it's unknown. Sep 23rd is the end of the RP billing cycle, hopefully we hear long before then.

I am sure at this point that many would abandon ship if given the ability to release their phone and port out their original number. Doing that takes more than one step at this point, and the port may or may not be happening now.

It might be that Red Pocket has incremental data billing that would account for the different limits some are seeing. (i.e., if the minimum billing increment is 1 mB,, 100 small data pulls would equal 100mb billed against the data limit, even though the phone would show markedly less data usage.) I have not investigated Red Pockets policy on incremental data billing.

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